Glocal Teen Hero (GTH) is a platform that is exclusively for the teenagers. It aims to empower teenagers and give them an opportunity to lead their endeavors.

The overall purpose of this program is to build a bridge of opportunities and experience to nurture the teenager passion. Teenagers can compete and earn recognition and more of them can develop an entrepreneurial thinking. It is a life time opportunity to all the applicants, finalists and other teenagers to develop themselves through networking, collaboration and pooling of opportunities.


Glocal Teen Hero started from the year 2015 targeting the teenagers of Kathmandu Valley and later by year 2016 it expanded to the nationwide in order to provide national platform for all the teenagers. To reach among teenagers an activation program was actively conducted in different cities. Likewise, to bring passionate teenagers together from around the world Glocal International Teen Conference was embarked on the third year of 2017 along with Glocal Teen Hero. GTH journey from the 2015 to 2019 has marked as a great history by contributing the nation by developing a platform to empower a teenager to work for the society.

Next with an aim to organize South Asian Glocal Teen Hero by 2020; The initiation started from the neighboring country India in 2019. Now, we are moving forward to other south Asian countries in search of Fantastic Teens.


GTH aspires to bring passionate, fantastic and change-making teenagers together. More than a program or a project, GTH is a journey where every journeyer has an experience and learning worth sharing while also motivating their peers. It also supports the teenager’s initiation and help in developing motivational factors to initiate more.


GTH is a unique platform and aims to bring GTH to South Asian Countries by 2020. The event will offer an international platform for South Asian teenagers to recognize their initiation and creativity. Through GTH – Inspirational Teenagers form different countries will gather and collaborate to inspire the world.

Mission and Vision

We vision to elevate GTH as a prestigious platform for the teenagers of the world by 2030 AD. With this, GTH Alumni shall be formed in every country that works to promote the teenagers and their endeavors. This platform will act as a great platform for the influential teenagers to promote their individual initiation.

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