Do we Matter? Do I matter? Does my voice in the world matter? Is there even the existence of myself in this giant bubble of the world? After all, I am a tiny creature in this gigantic world of billions of people and animals.

This is a question that Homo Sapiens Sapiens (humans) usually ask themself, and today, here we are going to talk and make us realize” I MATTER thus WE MATTER.

What is the Butterfly Effect?

In 1963, a man named Edward Lowez brought light to this exciting concept of the butterfly effect. The idea came to be known as the “butterfly effect” after Lorenz suggested that the flap of a butterfly’s wings in China might ultimately cause a tornado in New Mexico. He was initially laughed out at this theory, but later this was widely accepted, and the butterfly effect became a theory as Chaos Theory.

Here today, we are not talking about butterflies, either weather or tornadoes, but to put light on how the first movement matters and how big is an effect of a ripple movement.

Why do we matter?

Small shifts in your thinking, and small changes in your energy, can lead to massive alterations of your result. This is how the entire function of the world works. 

Imagine what if people don’t wake up and be on their bed for the entire time, imagine people not putting their opinion, imagine people not letting out conversations, and imagine people not trying; these all little steps in life have made the world what it is right now, and if these little actions weren’t there, there would never have been the bigger picture of anything.

Now let’s talk about Teenagers, the youngest and proactive people because this is the age where we start making ripple effects, but along with that comes a lot of doubt and questioning. We see many young people wanting to do bigger things but scared to take the little steps, and maybe that is because we don’t realize the impact we make.  

Just voicing out our opinions brings many changes and perspectives that people barely might know even existed as a young population. Teenagers taking opportunities, being present everywhere, and mostly not being scared to take the front foot can be the butterfly effect, a butterfly effect for a better world and better place to live in.

Thus, we all wake up every day to try something new, and putting effort into something is a ripple effect we are all making, and it can turn the unturned stones one day. Imagine if a small thing like a flutter of butterflies can bring tornados to another side of the world, what power we beautiful young humans hold with each other and together.


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