Six Power

Let’s talk about the early change maker teenagers. The teenagers who has proved that “Age Is Just A Number”.


In an update with the prove of the action, we are sharing a story of six inspirational teenagers from Nepal. Their involvement to support peoples through their knowledge and activity has made them to listed in Top Six Finalist of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero, 2019.


Doing something impactful in society is a dream that these teenagers have perceived in their juvenile age. Wind of positivity that they have spread has made nation to believe in their action towards changing the world.


A power to do someone a good turn has made these teenagers as an extraordinary person. Seeing these teenagers working for the welfare of the society has created a chain learning impact itself. At this moment of making environment vitalize, we want to present the story of social impact of six teenagers who has been making society a better place to live with the positive effect.




  1. Bidhi Mandal, 19-year-old Entrepreneur


Bidhi Mandal has been creating a construction material such as bricks, roof and floor tiles out of plastics to help families with substandard housing conditions to have better homes. The construction materials will be made out of plastic by managing around 5 tons of plastic waste, which will definitely reduce the land and plastic pollution.


She has already won the “Infrastructure Idea Hunt, 2019” in Nepal Infrastructure Summit, 2019 and has secured second position on 4th Yunus National Social Business Challenge and UNDP Youth Co: Lab 3.0.

Her initiation towards helping people with housing solution is one of the inspiring things which has adored nationally.


  1. Bikram Parajuli, 18-year-old Tech Educator


Bikram Parajuli is a maker mentor at Karkhana and delivering a free Creative Computing Course for local youths. He has taken a number of classes in both community and private schools on robotics, electronics, 3D animation, game design and paper engineering.


He also teaches young teenagers on Robotics at American Corner and working to build Nepali modules content according to the curriculum of Nepal which will provide a solution for e-library with enough contents to help students study and communities to solve basic problems.


Bikram has been awarded for the “Feri Uthne Cha Nepal” by Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero along with Coca – Cola Nepal.


  1. Lov Panthi, 14-year-old Innovator


Lov Panthi is a young innovator who has already made different Robots with specific quality along with his brother in early age. Since last 3 years he has been making robot with numbers of research. One of the Robot has already been registered in Nepal Industry Department in Patent Right as a first robot in the world to understand and speak the Nepali language.


He has also built an automated humanoid robot called ‘Go Go’, which can shake hands and perform tasks like switching lights on or off, lifting small objects and even uploading pictures on social sites.



  1. Rachin Kalakheti, 17-year-old Technopreneur


Rachin Kalakheti is the Founder/CEO of Videha Ltd. He is into Quantum programming an IBM certified Data Science Professional and Stanford University certified in Machine Learning.

He is developing a complete diagnosis solution for chest, knee and skin cancer also working on further project like heart attack prediction, breast cancer prediction, brain disease diagnosis, etc. via using computers and AI.  He is also involved in Augmented Reality based E-learning app which focuses on providing concepts to learners, which will help to achieve quality education. Likewise, Rachin also teaches people through his Youtube channel.


  1. Samir Phuyal, 16-year-old Entrepreneur


Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero Samir Phuyal is a 16 years old entrepreneur who develops a websites and apps that solves the problem in society. He has also initiated an online advertising platform called “” an online advertising platform with the vision of digitalizing newspaper ads which aims to facilitate trading between buyers and sellers.


Samir has taught more than 13k people worldwide about Django through Udemy app to build a powerful web application. He has also developed Magic of Words Summaries and QnA app to help +2 students on their course. Additionally, He is also running Hamro Tech YouTube Channel which teaches Web Development and Programming on Nepali Language.


  1. Supriya Maharjan Sapkota, 18-year-old Social Activist


Supriya is running a “PROJECT HOPE 2” which is an awareness campaign on preventing school dropout and street children. She is also actively organizing many events through Sukhawati Store Foundation for the students of Bansighat Slum and a “Brain Parlour” a brain exercising session in schools.


These teenagers who have already started the journey to bring impact in society has already been adored nationally and has become the symbol of change. Their ideas and initiation have been recognized through Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero platform and has motivated fellow teenagers to step out from the comfort zone to act for a change.




Awareness Campaign to End Child Marriage: A project by Prashansha KC, Glocal Teen Hero 2018

Age does not matter! Defying this, Prashansha won the title of Glocal Teen Hero 2018 on 1st of September, 2018.

She is 17-year-old Youtuber and Social Activist. She is passionate to work on film shooting, editing, post- production and writing script on her own. Not only the entertaining vlogs, she loves to shoot the documentaries that would expose the urgency of the eradication of child marriage.

After she was introduced to the child marriage in her locality, feeling disturbed she was very keen to work on eradicating it. She defines, “The platform I got actually made my dream come true. I wanted to present my work and then get the mentors to understand my visions regarding what specific I want to work on. And act grand!”

After running different projects on the awareness of child marriage and sessions focusing on the eradication of child marriage, she was looking for something big to create an impact on the larger number of people. Winning the title led her to get an opportunity to take a stronger step for making her dream come true.

“Awareness Campaign to End Child Marriage” is an awareness campaign to end child marriage in Rukum and to create good learning and growing atmosphere for children which is free of early marriage, early pregnancy, poverty, unemployment and many more.

She has started working in her project from October.

The project is about ending child marriage through effective way of awareness. With the initiation and leadership of Glocal Teen Hero 2018 Prashansha KC, the project is organized in collaboration with Zonta Club of Kathmandu and Glocal Pvt. Ltd.

The project is about ending child marriage through effective way of awareness. The project is organized in collaboration with Zonta Club of Kathmandu and Glocal Pvt. Ltd; where Zonta is supporting and Glocal is implementing the project.

She will be conducting awareness sessions in 2 schools targeting 1200 students of Rukum. The session will focus on discussions about prevention of these marriages, awareness about importance of being employed and educated, awareness about reproductive health, defence, empower girls and women to fight for their rights, awareness campaign to communities about moral and legal judgements.

To aware the women, she will be running ‘Workshops in Ama Samuha’. With good parenting skills, it would include all the above sessions. Reaching out more in the community, she will be doing Ghar Dailo program as well. The project will be addressing the benefits of marrying at right age, scope and responsibility of new generation and many more to elderly people.

The documentary will be made to potray the lives of victim and execution of project to inform the youth about this problem all over Nepal.


Working Teens: creating an impact

Are you a teen belonging to age group 13-19?  If your answer is yes, then I would like to put forward another question; what do you do, besides going to school? I’m pretty sure that only few will be able to answer this question.There are fewer teens who are guided by living with the purpose of greater good. Yes, this write-up is all about those teens who have succeeded to influence millions of lives because of their activities, regardless of their ages.

Whenever the subject of teens comes, the name- Sandeep Lamichhane tops the list because of his huge impact on cricketing history of Nepal. The top order leg spinner bowler of Nepal, Lamichhane was only 17 when he was selected in the famous Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018 from Delhi Dare Devils. He is the first player in the history of Nepalese cricket who played IPL and shared the dressing room with the legend of world cricket like Gautam Gambhir, Trent Boult , Mohammed Shami, Glenn Maxwell, and so many other experienced players of world cricket community. His journey started from IPL and continued with his selection in Caribbean Premier League(CPL) and GT20 , Canadian cricket league. He is also a first Nepalese player to get selected in CPL of West Indies. Born in Syangja, a district far from the capital, he succeed to create an impact not only in the home cricket but also in the international cricket community .

There is another teen who proved herself as the Teen Child Right Activist. She is Bipana Sharma, who was just  17 when she  was felicitated as a Glocal Teen Hero 2015, leaving  hundreds of applicants behind  from the various nooks and corners of the Nepal who are working to create impact in the society. Nawalparasi born Sharma was only 11 when she joined Ekata Baal Club in her VDC. Later, she got elected as the chairman of VDC level child network. Inspired by seeing some of the children working in hotels, she has now proved herself as the strong child right activist, currently holding thousands of children under her child club network. She has proved herself as an impactful leader, thereby playing crucial role to involve the agendas of child right in the draft of newly written constitution. In one of the TEDx talks in Kathmandu, she said that she has a dream to be the first women Prime Minister of Nepal. She is now engaged  in various workshops ,trainings ,talks program about the children and many other activities. She has proved that age is just a number when you are highly willing to live a life with greater good .

Similarly , another 18 year old got viral in social media by throwing the waste and garbage in front of the gate of Singhadurbar, the main administrative building of Nepal government, to remind politicians that there has been excessive dirt in the city. He is KP Khanal, campaigner of Clean Kathmandu project. Clean Kathmandu Campaign is the initiation of nine teenagers under the leadership of KP Khanal with the aim of making the Kathmandu clean and change the perceived behaviors of people residing in Kathmandu towards the surrounding.  Meanwhile, the campaign wants to prove the famous quote “Be the change you wants the world to be”  to the people who behave recklessly and keep complaining about the problems. He was born in the middle class family of Achham district of far western Nepal and raised in  Kailali district. The main thing that inspires him for being a Social Activist is the Nepalese society that he saw through his family struggle. He managed to build the residential building for the orphanage children in the Bajura district with the collection of 4 million rupees from the people like him, who want to see the change in the society. A teen working for the motive of only self-satisfaction, can be the rising star of Nepalese society to inspire the people to live with the purpose of greater good .

In addition to these above mentioned energetic teens , there is another teen of aged 16, whose name and work when listened will surely bring goose-bumps. He is Mr. Sujan Acharya who has set the record of Youngest Television program host. He was only 11 when he hosted TV shows named “Nepal Darshan” and “Mission News” at ABC Television. He dreams of breaking the record of longest-ever television talk show , which is now hold by the celebrated TV journalist Ravi Lamichhane. He has set an example for the teenagers of Nepal that age is just a number when you are strongly driven by your passion.

Thus, Sandeep Lamichhane, Bipana Sharma, KP Khanal, and Sujan Acharya are the perfect example to prove age is just a number, their work is all what gives them their unique identity. Apart from these teenagers, there are so many teenagers in our society who are doing good for others. These extra-ordinary teens has set a perfect example and inspiration to the other teens . The descriptions of aforementioned teenagers clearly prove us that no any age barriers are existed in the real sense if you have strong faith in your works. The works done by them in their age is beyond extraordinary. With my confidence at it peak, I can proudly say that age is just a number . Age is not the factor that will decide what to do and how to do.The main thing you need is passion and strong determination to see the decent society.

Glocal Teen Hero: A step closer towards Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs are footpaths which are supposed to act as guidelines for a better tomorrow. With almost half the population capable to make a difference(being under 30), it is crucial for these youths to be actively involved in formulating these goals so that we, as the most ‘intelligent’ species, are using our best resource to give back.

Teenagers are people who fall in the age range of 13-19. During this time, creativity is at its peak, ideas are rampant. So we must make sure our creativity and thinking power are utilized in a good way, so that we are supporting good causes and meaningful actions. We must inspire communities who haven’t got the knowledge to break prejudices and end injustice. For something to actually happen, a group of people need to provide collective effort so that they can bring about the necessary changes they want. So teens must be able to form a team of like minded people and come  with projects which have a positive and a productive impact on society. In short, we must be able to be a critical part of carrying out actions, observing and reviewing the progress of SDGs.

One of the  platforms that supports the SDGs Agenda  is Glocal Teen Hero (GTH). It is run exclusively by youth for teenagers who are brimming with potential, who have the ideas which can change the world. It has been initiated by Glocal-Khabar, which is an online portal to cover news about youth, education and entrepreneurship. Glocal Teen Hero is an award night dedicated to commemorate the various innovative teenagers who have ideas that impact the society in a positive way. This program encourages teens to step out of their shell and be creative while taking care of the sustainability of their idea which promotes the idea of SDGs. All the while, GTH helps their sustainable principle friendly projects to network with some of the most influential delegates from various industries all over the country. So, the teenagers participating in GTH have the opportunity to have their ideas get amplified on a nationwide scale which might resonate within other people and inspire them to start practicing SDGs by their own on a small scale, which creates a ripple effect and one individual can influence a ton of other individuals to practice SDGs.

To summarise, teens might be the ones making all the big changes and  if the teens behind are constantly encouraged and pushed to their limit so they make full use of their capabilities for everyone to be living in a better place. And with platforms like Glocal Teen Hero and Glocal International Teen Conference, we are slowly inching towards our objective of achieving SDGs for a better Nepal.

December 16: Day of Teen Revolution

Every year, December 16 marks the Day of Teen Revolution in the world believing in the power of teenagers to create a revolution. This year, teenagers from Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, India, and Australia celebrated the day with small efforts towards social change.


In Nepal, Teens who have been striving from a long time to create change in the society organized small program within their locality to motivate teenagers to create change and also to make society realize in Teen power to make a change.

Different motivational sessions were conducted to motivate teens in these places approaching their skills enhancement to accommodate changes in their life through life skill education and to make them the responsible citizen of the country.

This year, Day of Teen Revolution in Nepal is marked from Pokhara, Nawalparasi, Sarlahi, and Kathmandu.

The activities were:
1) At Pokhara university, girls marked this day with the session on Teen Girl’s Empowerment and also focusing on menstrual taboos and reproductive health problems. These teen girls are really proud to be girl rather than setting themselves back in the society.

2) At Nawalparasi, Session was conducted on “Teen for Peace and Development” among 25 teenagers. The program highlighted the teen issues and made an individual pathway to face them and find the solutions from an individual level.

3) Ruby Moktan, one of Glocal’s 20 under 20 marked Day of Teen Revolution with her classmates sharing their journey and discussing teen problems and journey of Glocal’s 20 under 20 and inspiring them to utilize their skills in productive works and to create positive change in themselves and also in the society.

4) At Shree Beni Bhola Technical School, Godaita, Sarlahi, an interactive program with 10 different Speakers took place. The different topics like Importance of Science and Technology, Role of Teen in Social Change, Public Speaking Techniques, Women’s Empowerment, Living a life we deserve among others were discussed amidst 50 teenagers

The Theme of Science and Technology

It is the topic that encompasses science, technology and the interaction between the two. It is the systematic enterprise that builds and organizes the knowledge in the form of explanations about everything and predictions about nature and the universe. Technology is the collection of techniques, methods and ideas that can be used in the production of goods which are now being used to decorate the whole world. If we look around in the human history, science plays a huge role because of which 21st century appears to be so vast and full of scientific inventions.

Long ago, it was impossible for any person to talk to people who were miles away from them. A man named Graham Bell changed that reality with his illusion by building a communication machine named Telephone. Just because of Science and engineering skills, now we can travel around the world within hours and we can communicate with the person in the other side of the world. There is a high scope of science and technology. Many things have already been discovered and many are yet to be discovered. If we look around the present world, we can find many inventions created by science and technology and because of that, our daily life has become much more efficient.

Aspiring people to take up science and technology can inspire a lot of people towards tech field and generate new ideas that can be used to change the lifestyle of the whole world. To change the world via our vision in science and technology, first we have to think differently. We all have worn the different goggles of illusion. Everyone tend to elaborate the things and situation according to their goggles of illusion. This gives a wide range of perspectives. Thus, to decorate the world with brand new ideas, those illusionary goggles are to be worn and believe that everything is possible.

Many people changed their goggles to decorate world like Alessandro Volta built the first battery. Wright brothers are the legends of the machines that can fly miles away like the birds. They build the first Aeroplane. By the Illusion of Thomas Addison, the invention of light bulb was possible which faded the darkness away during the night as well.

Thus, we should aspire to make the lives better with the use of Science and Technology.


Bijay Acharya

Glocal’s 20 under 20

Hiking to Namo Buddha | Biplov Jha

Namo Buddha is one of the most sacred Buddhist pilgrimage site of Nepal. When we were planning for a trip we were searching for some astonishing place nearby Kathmandu foothill; a destination with delightful hiking, scenic and wonderful views to gather up and strengthen our mind in search of peace and wisdom and relish the utmost purity of soul and peace of mind. Namo Buddha became the best option for us. It is 40 km southeast of the Kathmandu valley and is very much idolized by the Buddhist pilgrim from all over the world. The monastery has a marvelous structural design and serene ambience, it is named as Thrangu Tashi Yangtse monastery.

Namo Buddha in its meaning is “Greetings to the Lord Buddha”. The surrounding is populated by ethnic Tamang settlements. There is a legendary tale related to the history of the Monastery; how a young prince sacrificed his life in order to satisfy the hunger of a tigress. On our urge to know more about the tale we got the information: On a hunting tour, a prince saw a hungry tigress with her cubs. The tigress was on a very miserable condition as she couldn’t even walk for her hunt. Seeing such situation the prince cut and fed his flesh and blood to the tigress’s family. The same prince is believed to be reincarnated as Siddhartha Gautam.

Our trip started from Kathmandu, we gathered early in the morning and hired a bus towards Dhulikhel. With a group of 18 friends it took us nearly 4 hours of hiking from Dhulikhel to reach for the top of the hill. The astonishing thing was that on each hourly interval we were informed that it would merely take an hour to reach the destination. We didn’t forget to capture photographs of those breathtaking views and landscapes. From the top there were the best views of Everest and Langtang Himalayan range.


On our entrance to the Gumba, the sanctifying potency was potrayed as a group of tourist were breathing with the names of Lord Buddha and repeating the words again and again. The sight of some monks working on daily routine basis of keeping the place neat and clean reminded us of the necessity of disciplines and purity in ourselves. The place has a lot to offer as learning could be possible from every corner our eyes could reach. The way the Cherry/Sakura flowers were blooming had surely enhanced the beauty of the place.


We gained a lot of knowledge regarding the traditional ethnic settlement of Tamang. We even committed ourselves not to use smart phones throughout our journey so that we could spend whole time within ourselves. This memorable trip had some best moments of tranquility locked up in our heart forever.

After all, it was the place where the inspirations had been planted by Lord Buddha himself, how could we not get inspired to face the challenges on the upcoming days. We were now ready for any challenges that could head towards us. We will fight and conquer our hurdles with peace of mind, calm in power and willpower to overcome.

~Biplov Jha


My social life Story 

People: “Let’s go to cinema”

Me: “No, I cannot”

People: “Let’s go to party”

Me: “No, I cannot, you people go and enjoy”

The times when my friends enjoyed going to parties and cinemas, I was enjoying helping the society. I never got money or stardom on helping people but I was receiving the end of satisfaction, happiness and respect.

The year was 2015; Earthquake of magnitude 7.8 had struck my motherland, Nepal. There was chaos and fear everywhere. And, after a month of it we were rising again, slowly but steadily.

It was during those days.

I used to leave my home at 6 in the morning for my classes. I had classes till 11. As soon as my classes were over, I used to go to Tundikhel (a public ground in heart of Kathmandu, capital of Nepal) where Corona Nepal; an NGO had run shelter for traumatized children. I had volunteered there and was in a mission to bring back the smile in the faces of children by teaching them drawing, narrating stories and spending time with them.

As the clock strike 1, I used to go to Nepal Scouts headquarter to my Scout masters home which was our base camp during those days. I was a part of Nepal Scouts earthquake rescue team. We used to clear up the roads for people to enter their home and helped people take out their belonging from rubble and transport it to a safer place.

We were never asked to do such works out of compulsion or for money. We did it because it was our duty during times of need. The applause you receive from people after you help them enter their house after a month or save their favorite things from a destructed house are filled up with such respect and dignity that it motivates and inspires you to do more of such things. That glass of water people offer you after you drain your energy trying to clear up the path for others to walk is filled up with gratitude and respect that it push you to never back down from helping others. These moments make you attached to the society you live in.

Even after two years now whenever I feel low, I remember those days that made me the person I am today. Those days of service taught me what it means to be living a life rather than just breathing.

In 2016, I along with my two friends formed a group in Facebook and named it Teenage Society of Nepal, also known as TSN. We gathered a group of teens who wanted to do something for the society. We had a virtual meeting. Thus, TSN was born.  We always believed in the fact that if we start making teens of today aware about their responsibility towards the society, the will grow up as motivated youths who want to serve the society and these motivated youths one day will grow up to be concerned parents that will build up better generation of humanity to live in this earth, who care about their society and environment.

Virtual meetings and creating awareness in Social Medias was not enough. Thus, TSN members formed a committee and I was elected the president of the society.  None of our teens in society were earning so we had to hold meeting in public parks during Saturdays, and discussed what project we can carry on from our side to help the society to make it a better place to live in.

Our very first project was making our naïve friends know the truth of the society. We went to a school  in a remote place, where we hiked for 3 hours to reach. There, our friends realized how hard it is to get education. Everyone was so motivated that after couple of months we were able to make a library in that school by collecting books from friend circle and self-donation.

Some weeks later, TSN was informed about a 10 year old girl suffering from blood cancer and had poor economic condition. Despite the fact that everyone in the TSN were high school students and were not earning, we wanted to help that girl. We saved our money from lunch and raised capital to buy pens.

We bought pens for 10 rupees and sold them to our high school friends for Rs. 25. They happily bought the pen when the cause was explained to them. A total of 25,000 rupees was collected and was donated to the girl. Even though none of us were earning members of the society, but the team was full of determination.

Our learning from the project was, “If we are determined to help someone, money is not the major problem. Lacking of wiliness to help is”

We look forward to build a global network of people with willingness to help.

Thus, this is my social life story. I know my works are not too big, but I feel satisfied of what I do. I feel contended on helping people. Today, I feel proud walking through the same roads which we cleared during the earthquake, but no one remembers me because I was wearing a mask back then.  These works make me feel more attached to my society. It makes me realize my goal in life to make my society a better place and if we have more people determined to make their society better we will end up having a better world to live in.

Following are the links of some of our works

Sachin Dangi

My Boot Camp Experience – Asna Sharma

The Business Bootcamp really opened my eyes to new ways of teaching, learning, training and sharing. The experience was amazing. It didn’t give us answers to a problem but guided us to find it ourselves, or collaborate with each other to attempt different things. When you and your team brainstorm in finding every solution to a problem without anyone giving you direct answer, it is truly a rewarding one anyone can experience. It certainly develops your confidence and your ability to think continues to grow more and more with every tasks.

The first day of boot camp, we started our trip from CGIM. Everyone there were strangers except for two or three. But that was only for few minutes.  As soon as we got inside the bus, we started talking. I could see excitement on everyone’s face because we weren’t told anything but to ‘expect the unexpected’.

We reached Nagarkot and at around 2:30 pm we gathered and the event started. In the evening, we met Mr. Arun Chaudhary, Founder, CG Holdings. We interacted with him, shared our ideas and had our dinner together. We conversed on various ideas and after dinner we had discussion on the topic ‘politics’. I got to sharpen my knowledge about politics. It was indeed a privilege meeting Mr. Arun Chaudhary.

At night, I and my room partner started researching about our ideas because we had to present our business pitch tomorrow morning. It was already 12 am and we were awake till 5 in the morning.

I woke up at 8 o’clock. I didn’t have much time so I started practicing my pitch in front of the mirror over and over again. When the program started I was a bit nervous because I felt exhausted since I didn’t sleep properly. Then the pitching started. I pitched my idea as well. Out of 14 ideas only 4 were selected. Out of the surprise, I was one of the four.

My group had 4 members. Our idea was to make affordable sanitary pads. We started brainstorming on making a business model. We had mentors and guides. Mr. Saurav Jyoti, Director, Jyoti group, was among them. He shared his experience and we asked our queries to him. Mr. Prayash Rajopadhya from Job Dynamics was also there for motivation and workshop session. I was able to gain knowledge about business, how a case study is done, how to develop business plans and much more.

At the end of the day after dinner, we started preparing the business plan and presentation on our business idea for the next day.  It was almost 3 am in the morning but I hadn’t completed the work so sleep was out of the question.

Next day we had mentors coming, Mr. Hempal Shrestha, Mr. Anjan Kumar Shrestha along with other mentors read our business plan. They revised, edited and refined our idea so precisely that we had to come up with another business plan and presentation to make it viable. That day was exhausting because we were continuously working and not resting at all. After dinner, we planned to play games to relax our mind. That was the moment when I actually felt a relief after a long day.  While we were laughing and enjoying with everyone, I had completely forgotten about the two deadlines at 3:30 am and 5:30 am, irony – it was already 11 pm.

Me and my group started brainstorming, making presentations, designing business plans and finally with a little luck we submitted exactly at 3:32 am. We still had to submit another business plan and presentation (phase 2) at 5:30. We already were feeling sleepy but still we worked on it. Though we had so little time, we were able to submit them on time.

That night while researching, discussing, planning and developing business model I learnt that no matter what when you’re working with your team on a problem, you get different views, opinions, thoughts that help you know more and understand the problem more. That teamwork experience is truly a rewarding one.

Overall experience was amazing at the boot camp. I’m grateful that I applied – I look back at what the boot camp has taught me and I am grateful for it. It taught me the fundamentals – not the shortcuts, or the direct answers but it taught me how to think and how to solve prevailing issues. I wonder where I would be if it wasn’t for boot camp – would I truly understand what business plans are? The fundamentals of business planning? about case study ? I guess NOT.