Project Unstoppable.

Miss. Aanchal Adhikari is involved in a project called “Project Unstoppable” as a Social Media Analyst. To reduce the opportunity gap that has been going on, to provide equal opportunity and also to spread words of opportunities to the youths, via organizing various projects, awareness programs and engaging youths Miss Adhikari is on the action to execute this project.

Project Unstoppable is a project to reduce the opportunity gap between youths.

                                            Emerging Artists
Nibesh Baral along with the emerge production team conducted the live event to promote the emerging artists from the Pokhara valley. The main aim of this program was to promote all the emerging artists from Pokhara valley and help them promote their musical talent along with some of the dancers.

Miss. Bipana Sharma (Glocal Teen Hero of 2015) actively participated in “She Decides” event where she represented her province (Sunuwal) as a child rights activist. “She Decides” conference is a global movement to promote, provide, protect and enhance the fundamental rights of every girl and woman.
This event brought global leaders together from different countries to bring new action in Asia.



Miss. Sharma was also selected to participate in the  “UN ECOSOC Youth forum” which was held on the month of April 2019 at New York. She represented the Youth of Nepal and shared her achievement story that how she made her province(Sunuwal) as a first Child-Friendly in Nepal. In the event, there was a presence of 1000+ youths from around the globe.

UN ECOSOC is an annual Gathering of the young leaders from around the world that happens every year in UN Headquarters, New York. Miss Sharma says “There is no short cut to anything without having young people in the decision-making process. And SDGs are the only better way forward, which she learned throigh this event.

Glocal Teen Hero, 2018 Miss Prashansha KC participated in a conference called “Crea Conference and Workshop of UN Women”. The event was designed to discuss issues like abortion, sex work, gender inequality, and Women Empowerment.

She is also actively making youtube videos, where she upload four videos in once a month. Her video focuses mainly on social issues on “Child & Kindanp Marriage”.

Glocal’s 20under20 Mr. Kovid Raj Panthy is organizing an “Internal Yet Conference” (Youth, Entrepreneurship and Technological conference) on 1st June 2019 at Kathmandu. The vision of the program is Connecting Youths with Entrepreneurship and Technology.

Mr. Anil Pradhan is working on a project called “Street light System”. Street light project is designed for the management of the electricity in the street which automatically turns on and off seeing the needed of the lights. The project is going to be lunch in Bhadrapur area for a test in 100 pols.

He is also involved in another project name “Siren Drone”. This drone consists of 2powerful light and Fpv camera to provide the area view to the ground station. It is designed to alert or manage the wild animal’s, especially wild elephant’s. To solve the problem of wild elephant attacks in villages Mr. Anil has designed the drone to people alert about the wild elephants danger.

Monishwaran Maheswaran was facilitated as a first Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero, 2019 India. 

Mr. Monishwaran from Banglore Karnataka is a young innovator and a high school student interested in mathematics and computer science. Initially, he was classified as a child prodigy. He has excelled in several Olympiads and went to Harvard University to work under mathematics Prof. Oliver Knill of from the University.

Additionally, he has worked on a system using machine learning to help the visually impaired people to navigate the surroundings. He is also a TEDx speaker and gave a Master class/ Guest lecture on Quantum Computing. He has also established a non-profit “Do it for Knowledge “which facilitates in donating books to the underprivileged kids, an initiative called Run for cancer that focuses on the life of children suffering from cancer.

He has been recently named as the goodwill ambassador for The Akshaya Patra Foundation (Ms. Dhanashree BM of The Akshaya Patra Foundation) and also has been featured on The Passion Peoples Podcast.



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