He is a good leader, an outstanding critical thinker, and a problem solver. He believes there is always room for improvement.

He is the Founder & the Executive Director of BlueBird Wellbeing, a youth-led non-profit international mental health organization dedicated to breaking the stigma fabricated around mental health and well-being by engaging and encouraging youth participation from all around the world. This year, BlueBirdwellbeing hosted an International Summit featuring UN representatives and other international organizations curating participants from 25+ nations. 

Currently, he is working on hosting the 2nd iteration of the International youth summit and conducting mental health workshops in schools, internationally. 

His team reached sixty thousand individuals from over 50 countries. The team was able to empower more than 50 youths from 17 countries to work towards the same cause. Further, have reached plenty of individuals through awareness campaigns, bringing them professional help. 

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