Shanzita Siddiqua

She is young and energetic and is an aspiring robotics and social worker and entrepreneur 

She is a Co-founder – of Rabeya Rahman foundation, Uvtr – research and development head, Bangladesh space research society- academic executive, and initiative Bangladesh- academic officer. Working for UVTR, a company supported by the ICT division. She initially worked on supplying new projects for boosting robotics and tech education resources. She is  working on a project to bring steam training to rural regions in partnership with our nonprofit foundation.

She is also working with BSRS to provide offline, hands-on courses and classes in rural locations. Additionally, she is focused on developing innovative yet essential electronic products & designing PCB boards in a sustainable and cheaper way to enhance the audience to the science and technology. She is empowering the young girls and youth around to participate more in tech and stem sectors. She is raising her voice against discrimination. 

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