Speaker Role

Glocal International Teen Conference- 2021 calls out application for the role of Speaker. It is an opportunity for all the teenagers (13-19 years of age) who can take up roles in the panel discussion and articulate their ideas, experiences, vision and insight with the aim to educate and inspire other fellow teenagers. Considering the global pandemic – COVID 19; This year the GITC shall be hosted virtually from Nepal.


Deadline: May 20, 2021


Panel Discussion being one of the main highlights of GITC aims to bring out and discuss on the issues relating to Entrepreneurship, Empowerment and Socio- Perspective through talks. It is expected to generate spontaneous interaction among the speakers and the audience.

Here, a Moderator and Speakers shall take up their respective roles and articulate their ideas, experiences, vision and insight with the aim to educate and inspire other fellow teenagers.

Each of the Speakers should aim to speak very precisely and briefly keeping on mind the underlying theme/ main idea of the key issue of Panel Discussion they sit in. Speakers should recognize the need of advance preparation, if any. It should be noted that Speakers should be self-aware of the airtime they are using, should be conversational, active and promote conventional talks in line with the key issue of the Panel discussion.


  1. Should be a teenager (13 -19 years of age)
  2. Should demonstrate knowledge and experience on the Key Issues of GITC he/she is interested to speak in
  3. Should be working at least 6 months in the field/area mentioned in the application form
  4. Should be working to create an impact in their society in any way possible
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GITC Alumni Perks

Join in the GITC Community to stay connected and share, collaborate, mentor, prosper and develop. With the pool of active, engaging and supportive alumni, this unique opportunity connects teenagers and youths from all over the globe.

Srijana Shakya Jyoti
Exhibit to Expand

We provide you space to exhibit your projects, plans, organization and initiation allowing you to reach out via screening and prints.

Attend Glocal Teen Hero- Award Gala

Join in the Glocal Teen Hero- Award Gala where we felicitate a Fantastic Teen as Glocal Teen Hero and Glocal’s 20 under 20 in the presence of 300+ invitees- diplomats, entrepreneurs, educators, social workers, bureaucrats, ministers and many more.

Meet Industry Leaders

Meet the most promising industry leaders in the GITC and GTH- Award Gala where we connect you to the 20+ industry leaders from diverse fields ranging from education, entrepreneurship, diplomacy, bureaucracy and many more.


Attend the self-awarding and impactful workshops from different speakers from various fields. These workshops would not only empower but also enhance your horizon of perspectives and thoughts.

 Articulate intriguing talk

Articulate intriguing talks Allow yourself to articulate as well as hear intriguing talks from your peers. Learn and share from each other to make the most out of the conference and take back amazing memories with you.

Cultural Exchange

Opportunity to explore different culture in one platform and create mutual understanding between the teenagers from different corner of the world.


GITC provides you the platform for networking without any boundaries, either that be with our guests, speakers, presenter, or the participants.    Global networking through Glocal is what we promise.


Mentor-ship sessions

In GITC, you will get to meet amazing mentors from different sectors who were once a beginner and a  teenager and they will not only mentor but self-aware teenagers about the power they all possess.

Breakout Spaces

The breakout spaces will be more about hearing stories and creating one for yourself. The various breakout sessions will be facilitated by different mentors including our alumnus and these sessions are mostly designed to help teenagers relate with each other and feel a part of the global movement.

Social agendas

Every day there will be a fun space where we will jive, jam, and play games. This session will not only be a part of the agenda but lifelong for your memories.

Troop Space

A group space which includes activities that will help in networking and enable the creation of a Global Circle.

Listen to Act

Various sessions that will be followed by the activities. Here we don’t only listen to listen but Listen to Act.

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