Arjun Acharya

Social Activist

    Name: Arjun Acharya
    Age: 16 year
    Title: Social Activist
    Organization Involvement: 1. Youth For Change
    2. Divine Youth Club
    3. Clean Surkhet Green Surkhet Campaign
    4. Nepal Youth Council (NYC)
    5. Leo Club Of Bhairabsthan
    Address: Kalikot
    Affiliated University: SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, Surkhet

    Kalikot Residential Mr. Arjun Acharya is a dedicative Social Activist & Poet. He loves to involve in constructive platform. Mr. Acharya is actively engaged in different programs like Clean Surkhet Green Surkhet Campaign, Youth Program etc. and also delivers a public speech on special occasions. He also writes articles and poem on SDGs. Arjun motivates youth through different activities and programs and aims to bring change in society. Additionally, he also teaches free poetry classes in American Corner.
    Arjun Acharya is the founder of Karnali Poetry Band which is a literary event. Along with his team he organizes every month in American corner in Surkhet to address the socio-economic and cultural issues of Karnali. Likewise, along with his team, he also performs musical poems in streets of Surkhet to make people aware about different social issues of Poverty, Environment, Chaupadi and so on. He has covered various burning issues of his community in his poems. He is also the secretary of Divine Youth Club through which he conducts various programs and activities.

    By different campaigns and programs in Surkhet, he was able to maintain a clean environment in his community. He has also provided a better life for poor children through good food and quality education. His public speech and poetry have created a public awareness in people and has made a learning platform for youths in poetry.

    Arjun Acharya was selected among the 20 brightest teenagers from the nation. His enthusiasm to make society better has made him listed in Glocal’s 20under20 of 2019. His work has definitely created a chain learning and made youths interested in poetry in addressing social issues.

    He wants to bring socio economic changes in people’s lives and hopes to uplift the living standards of people. He wants to keep on pursuing poetry and address the social issues.

    Updated: 2019/Oct/9