Ayush Pandey

Designer, Programmer

    Ayush is an avid programmer who loves to solve problems, troubleshoot issues and come with creative solutions. Currently, he is working in +5: 45 Network where he is responsible for developing websites, apps, and programs.

    He has been working on a cross-platform ( web and android) app which is called EPCI ( Electricians, Plumbers, Cable operators and Internet Service Providers). This app helps people who are facing problems with regards to EPCI by giving information and connecting them to nearest EPCIs.

    Further, he also facilitated design and development seminars to 90 students this year.

    He also developed plus545.com.np  to provide news, event details, online services and emergency contacts to Nepalese inside and outside Nepal and initiated Curiosity Platform through an app that lets people ask questions and post answers online.

    He also developed PROTECT- a mobile app to help people in danger.

    Apart from this he is working on JARVIS- an offline voice controlled personal assistant for blind people.

    He says,” In 5 years time, I see myself as a person who is successful in building a good platform for teenagers to code”.