Deepshika Ghimire


    Deepshikha Ghimire is a recipient of “नइ देरुनीखप्प बाल साहित्य पुरष्कार ” for her contribution in Children Literature. She published her first book at the age of 13 named “मेरो ज्ञानमन्दिर” She is also the runner up in Nepal’s 7 Youngest Poet in 2015. She is a debater, program Anchor, and member of Santosh Shah Foundation National youth consulting team. She is also a Founder of Aayam, which is a youth group. Besides this, she is a student of Psychology. Currently, she is organizing a program from a forum called ‘Association of Psychologist in Nepal’ Bachelor students relating to psychology and mental health. Similarly, conducting various competitions, health checkups and others programs like ‘Mehendi for a Cause’, ‘Happiness Lab’, ‘Brain Parlour’ etc. to create awareness on various social and health issues.