Ganesh Sah Sudi

Wildlife Conservationist

    Name: Ganesh Sah Sudi
    Age: 17 years
    Title: Wildlife Conservationist
    Organization Involvement: Mithila Wildlife Trust, Dhanusha
    Address: Dhanusha
    Affiliated University: Super Sence Higher Secondary School

    Mr. Ganesh Sah Sudi is a young Wildlife conservationist from Dhanusha. He is devoted to animals and working to save the Wildlife by rescuing animals of Dhanushadham Protected Forest. Along with his team, he has been working for the welfare of animals. Additionally, he is also a wildlife photographer and loves to research on uncovering secrets of nature and wildlife.
    Mr. Ganesh also provides training on wildlife and their psychology, trainings on how wetland birds can help in agricultural purpose and service for catching snakes in settlement areas and safely take back to their safe zones.
    From past 4 years, he has been working with Mithila Wildlife Trust. Ganesh plays a great role in rescuing animals of Dhanushadham Protected Forest. Along with his team, he is constantly working for the welfare of animals. Besides that, he is also a wildlife photographer, where he captures mesmerizing moments of animals on land and water.
    He also keeps researching on wildlife and uncovers the secret of nature.

    Through his different trainings on wildlife and their psychology he was provided a knowledge on the importance of wildlife. Also, his trainings on snakebites has prevented frequent death and killing of snakes.

    People of his community now know how to act on situations on wildlife interference. His 12-hour presence has provided the safety for both people and wildlife animals.

    Ganesh is one of the selected 20 game changers of the nation. He is one of the Glocal’s 20under20 of 2019 batch. His love towards wildlife animals has amazed people. His devoted nature has provided a safeguard to the animals of Dhanusha. His work is one of the inspirational which has created a big impact on nature and wildlife animals.

    Ganesh aspires to become a world renowned wildlife photographer and wildlife conservationist. He would like to continue his work on safety of wildlife and also wants to encourage people to protect nature and animals. He hopes to study Herpetology (the study of reptiles) in the future. Nevertheless, he also wants to continue his research on animals and nature.

    Updated: 2019/Oct/9