Narayan Gautam

Social Activist

    17 year old Narayan is an activist working for children and youth. He is also a radio reporter of Radio Vision, Birtamode.

    Since 2014  he is working as the President of Kanakai Municipal Child Network. Also, he is working as the Charter Executive member of Kanakai Municipal Child Welfare Board, Charter 3rd Vice President of Leo Club of Kanakai Surunga, member of Surunga Co-operate Youth Club, member of New Relimai Youth Club and executive member of Whitewash Cricket Club. He is a trainer who gives training on Child Friendly Local Governance (CFLG) in different schools of  his district. He has been teaching 27 students from low income level families  for  free of cost.

    He says,” In the context of Nepal, Parents are busy in their works and business. Children are not getting perfect guidance. As we all know, without guidance children (teen) can’t build their career. I’m the person who have been working in child development program since 2013 and working as President in Kanakai Municipality Child development since 2014. I have improved in my locality”.