Nischal Bhandari

Social Activist

    Name: Nischal Bhandari
    Age: 18 years
    Title: Social Activist
    Organization Involvement: The Doer’s Syndicate
    Address: Dang
    Affiliated University: Orient College of Science and Management, Kathmandu

    A Social Activist Mr. Nischal Bhandari is the president of The Doers’ Syndicate. Along with his team members, he is working in a project called ‘Opening Brain Club’ indifferent schools to aware students about their mental health and initiate ‘Visions and Voices’ to allow youths to enhance their ideas on different areas of society. His idea was accepted by the Opportunity Funds Program-2020 which is the program funded by Education USA and the United States Education Foundation, USEF Nepal.
    He is also actively involved in different projects like Eco-Youth Summit to aware the students about the actions- scientific and innovative-taken for environmental conservation and encouraging them to brainstorm their own ideas.
    Through Doer’s Syndicate he has organized different programs to involve youths in social issues and themes. “Youth Summit 2018 on the day of International Youth Day” and ‘Safe Space for Youth’, ‘Eco-Youth Submit’ collaboration with ICIMOD, ‘Mental health among Nepali Youth’ and BOW are some of the programs which he organized along with his team to engage youths.

    His activities and programs has helped youths to boost up their leadership quality and personal growth. He was able to create some ripples for the betterment of society. His active involvement and ardent to bring positive change in society has already benefited some of the youths to understand the importance of youth power and social issues.

    Nischal Bhandari was selected as one of 20 inspirational teenagers from the nation. His ardent to change society and active youth involvement has led him to be one of the Glocal’s 20under20 of 2019 Batch.

    He wants to continue his activist journey with more specific in Health and Environment Conservation in future. He is devising to work with WHO or some environmental organizations to bring a ripple effect in society and environment.
    Updated: 2019/Oct/9