Prajesh Khanal


    Prajesh is currently working on a project named ‘I Consumed my Oxygen’ initiated and led by Eco-friendly Himalaya Club. Also, he is engaged in awareness of child rights and Child-friendly Local Governance. He works to foster empowerment through various training, workshops and direct communication. Also, he has just initiated CFLG Campaign with others which work for the community and refugee children. They have established the relationship of municipal child clubs with Refugee Children Forum and are working jointly with them on different issues.

    He says,”Children, in Nepal, are the most in number (about 42.33%) but have least privileges. Although committed to CRC, Government of Nepal seems less committed to the problems related to children. So, there needs a continuous effort to improve the condition of children in Nepal.”

    “My selection for the award will encourage the communities to initiate such programs in their levels more effectively and the campaign can spread throughout the nation. It can also be a motivation to the children engaged in child club activities”, he further adds.