Rizma Joshi


    Rizma describes herself as an enthusiastic learner who wants to create employment opportunities through means of Marketing and Information Technology,

    She co-founded Sroth Code Academy- an IT and Creative agency. They teach students about the development of websites, games, apps, graphics and digital marketing. Till date, Sroth Code has given employment to 15 people.

    The company made the first ever game- Haku-run for the movie  LOOT 2 and they are on verge of making 24 games this year.

    She says,”¬† Our main objective is to Entertain, Inform and Educate via our games, that’s what makes our idea innovative. We differentiate from the company with similar business as we intend to make the game on popular culture of our country. The information needs to visible to educate the internet users in the country. So why not do it from Games. On the other prospect, we can create a pure possibility of Game making as a full-time career in our country.”

    She also added,” I believe finalizing goals, targets and agendas is one thing and implementing them and turning them into a reality, transform your visions into reality is a different thing. Dimensional thinking is not how it works it’s about teamwork and sharing ideas and that is what I look forward to where we all shared our cluster of ideas and create a big difference out of them”.