Sachin Dangi

Social Activist

    Sachin describes himself as a very happy person. He is a president of Teenage society of Nepal- an online group with 5000 Nepali Teenagers.  The group has 13 core team members with 70 Volunteers.

    Currently, he is working on ‘ 7 days- 7 heritage project’ and Human Rights awareness project ( here they brief all articles written on Human Right Declaration forum to Teens). He is also an Ambassador of OYA for Nepal. He also works as a young scientist at Kaicho Nepal where he and his team work to make Nepal Digital. Also, he is facilitating free Aurdino programming throughout Nepal to students for free.

    His workings and experiences are:

    2015 – Nepal Scout Earthquake Rescue Team

    2015 – Corona Nepal Post Earthquake Trauma Relief Team

    2016- National Delegate of Nepal for Asian Science Camp IISC, Bangalore. He was a Nepali delegate to be with Nobel Laureates for a week and research.

    2016- National Delegate of Nepal for Quazi Crystals Convention  where his team found solutions to entrepreneurship limitations in Nepal with Nobel laureate Dan Scheztmen.

    2017 – Winner of IOE Pulchowk Mechanical Exhibition

    2017- National Delegate of Nepal for 1st Nepal-India Bilateral Talk – Where issues regarding Nepal and India and help to find common solution and drafted resolution about SDGs.

    2017- Award Winner at Nottingham University, Malaysia’s NUMUN –  first team from Nepal to join this event. He was a council member for WHO and won honorable mention award.

    2017- National Delegate of Nepal for 1st Nepal-Bangladesh Youth Conclave.