Sanjay Kumar Yadav

Community Developer

    Sanjay Kumar Yadav mentions that involvement in the development of Maithili community is what drives him. Currently, he is involved in Radha Krishna Child Club and is working for community welfare. He is also working as a ‘Young Champion’ in LIFE Nepal.

    His community welfare activities include:

    1. Children getting birth certificate and joining school
    2. Knowledge about life skills.
    3. Convinced community people to send their children to schools and support in their transition.
    4. Engagement of Child Clubs
    5. Functioning of suggestion boxes at schools.
    6. Knowledge about various types of violence.
    7. Child club running various activities on their own
    8. Women riding rickshaws
    9. Boys and girls working jointly at school activities.

    In the next 5 years, he sees himself working in the preservation of Maithili culture. He is a teen who has come out to raise voice against the prevailing malpractices, superstition, dowry, inequality etc.