With lights hanging over every house in the country, People sharing love and happiness among each other, playing cards, Deusi Bhailo-a traditional Nepali culture where both people seek blessings from their adults, relatives and neighbours, a warm and welcoming festival Tihar is celebrated all over the country in the month of November. 

The five day festival is firstly welcomed by several pujas. Starting from Kaag Puja, Kukur Puja, Laxmi Puja, Govardhan puja and finally to Bhai tika, this festival serves compassion for everyone. During several days of the pooja, Crows, Dogs, goddess Laxmi and our beloved brothers are fed, given blessings for their prosperity and treated with respect. This makes us firmly believe that the festival shows a way to include all animals equal to human beings and to not make any harms to them. Worshipping our elder and younger brothers means that we are there for them, in every high and lows of their lives and continue to do so. 

Furthermore, we also worship goddess Laxmi- goddess of wealth and happiness to bring a peace at home, maintain a healthy relationship with everyone, to equally become satisfied with the basic needs for ourselves. 

In the five day hindu festival, we not only add lights to our homes, but it brings light to our faces as well making us happy and content with our families. Lighting Diyos (oil lamp) during the festival gives a sense of a warm shoulder to lean on accompanied by the warm and frizzy weather. 

This festival is equally made beautiful with the help of firecrackers, rangoli and marigold. Children and even adults play with several firecrackers, sharing the feelings of joys. Painting our hands red, blue, yellow, green while making rangoli, is equally pleasuresome because it is made by a collective effort from all the family members to decorate their houses with several colours. 

Unfortunately, these are unfavoured times since COVID-19 hits up the cases everyday. It is important to recognise the beauty and worth of these festivals, but it is necessary to become safer, play safely and shop in a careful manner. Even when it comes to playing all the fireworks, it is good to be safe since they create noise pollution and air pollution at the same time. Making a schedule or a time limit to play those firecrackers is the best to reduce these pollution. 

All in all, the festival always ends on a great note and the time with families should always be adored because it is not always that we get to spend those time with them. 


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