Why attend GITC?

Glocal International Teen Conference (GITC) is an opportunity for teenagers to authentically address issues that are important to them without having to overcome barriers. It is a platform for knowledge and experience sharing where teenagers can learn about leadership, empowerment and social impact through a participatory and interactive environment with their peers from all over the globe. The three key issues of GITC are:

Small Minds! Big Impacts!
Entrepreneurship is about following your passion and working to create an impact. Understanding the perspective of teen Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship enthusiasts and bringing them into light has always been our primary concern. We believe that teenagers are like flicker of flame that can spark great thoughts and help in shaping our workings and enhancing creativity. Small ideas bring great results and so do we believe that Teenagers, although considered young in age, have great minds that can change the world.

Into The Change-Making
Empowering teenagers means empowering own country and world as a whole. Empowering teenagers with a strong sense of self-worth and confidence is what GITC aims at. We want to uplift and value the teens, respect their views and decisions and influence them to be purposeful and passionate.

I for US
The awareness factor of every individual is what makes them responsible and committed to the development of society. In this context, the works of teenagers are not only setting the example but also, sending out messages that teenagers are the change-agent. Through this, we aspire to bring forward the examples of ripple effect that teenagers have brought in making this world a better place to live in.

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