Albina Prawin

Social Activist

Currently involved in a locally established social organization named Babiya Young Women Organization, she is acting as a change agent to her Muslim community.

    Ayush Pandey

    Designer, Programmer

    Ayush is an avid programmer who loves to solve problems, troubleshoot issues and come with creative solutions. Currently, he is working in +5: 45 Network where he is responsible for developing website

      Ashna Poudel

      Social Activist

      Currently, she is involved in a project called 'Sukarmi'- an initiative of Rooster Logic for girl empowerment.

        Bijay Acharya


        Bijay started his journey of Robotics and Invention when he was in Grade 8. He had built a portable fan then. Further, he made drones, smart car and his journey continued.

          Bhabish Shrestha


          Bhabish is a Child Right Activist, a Radio Presenter (Ithari FM), and an initiator of Child- friendly community.

            Biplov Jha


            Biplov has started a SMART STREET PROJECT. Also, he has initiated a project on making an automated charging system for any device.

              Narayan Gautam

              Social Activist

              17 year old Narayan is an activist working for children and youth. He is also a radio reporter of Radio Vision, Birtamode.

                Nivesh Kumar


                Nivesh is a Television Reporter and is currently working in AP1 Television. A passionate journalist in the making, Nivesh is currently working on making of the social issues oriented audio-visual repo

                  Prajesh Khanal


                  Prajesh is currently working on a project named 'I Consumed my Oxygen' initiated and led by Eco-friendly Himalaya Club. He has also worked in establishing the relationship between municipal child club

                    Pradip Adhikari


                    Pradip wants to be recognized as 'Coder Pradip'. Currently, he is working as a programming Teacher at IIHT and as a Graphics layout and technical Coordinator in MY LIFE Magazine.

                      Prashant Kandel


                      17 years old programmer Prashant is a High School Student. He has developed a website and applications for Imperial Securities Pvt. Ltd. Currently, he is working on a 'quiz app' in Cordova framework.

                        Prithu Singh Thakuri


                        Prithu describes herself as an ambitious girl and one of the youngest CEOs in Nepal. She is leading a WordPress online resource club- WPAII Club.

                          Pramish Poudel

                          Computer Programmer

                          Pramish endeavors to improve himself so that he can simplify the life of people with the help of computer programs and mobile applications.

                            Rizma Joshi


                            Rizma describes herself as an enthusiastic learner who wants to create employment opportunities through means of Marketing and Information Technology,

                              Rajaram Basnet

                              Social Activist

                              Rajaram was a former Child Labour whose story of struggle is exemplary. Currently, he is studying Civil Engineering (CTEVT, 1ST YEAR) and is a president of Kathamndu Bal Club Network.

                                Ruby Tamang


                                Ruby Believes that extra-curricular activities are as important as academics. At this young age, she has participated in various local level championship and is preparing for National Championship.

                                  Sagar Parajuli

                                  Social Activist

                                  Sagar is currently pursuing Bachelors in Public Health. He is also working as a Joint treasurer of Nepal Red Cross Circle- Noble college ( 2017/18), Amar Bal Club, Jagriti Child and Youth concern Nepa

                                    Sachin Dangi

                                    Social Activist

                                    Sachin describes himself as a very happy person. He is a president of Teenage society of Nepal- an online group with 5000 Nepali Teenagers.

                                      Sanjay Kumar Yadav

                                      Community Developer

                                      Sanjay Kumar Yadav mentions that involvement in the development of Maithili community is what drives him. Currently, he is involved in Radha Krishna Child Club and is working for community welfare. He

                                        Tanmay Chaudhary

                                        Inventer/ Tech

                                        Tanmay is a 17-year-old inventor who is working on a three wheeled car named ‘R1 KitKat’. He is working to make it a wireless remote controlled vehicle. His upcoming project is ‘JET ENGINE’.

                                          Throughout the year, Glocal’s 20 under 20 shall work cohesively for identification of opportunity, fostering networking and collaboration and doing works to create an impact in the society. They are expected to use their existing knowledge and experience to initiate works and enhance their leadership and other qualities. Also, paving their way towards becoming future leaders by being interactive and proactive.