Glocal International Teen Conference

GITC is a platform for teenagers to address the issues and overcome the challenges that they have faced in their daily lives. This teen conference is organized every year in Nepal by Glocal Pvt. Ltd. where the teenagers worldwide virtually participate in learning and sharing their beautiful insights in order to bring social impact through their work.

The three keys of GITC


Small Minds! Big Impacts! Entrepreneurship is about following your passion and working to create an impact. Understanding the perspective of teen Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship enthusiasts and bringing them into light has always been our primary concern. We believe that teenagers are like flicker of flame that can spark great thoughts and help in shaping our workings and enhancing creativity. Small ideas bring great results and so do we believe that Teenagers, although considered young in age, have great minds that can change the world.


Into The Change-Making Empowering teenagers means empowering own country and world as a whole. Empowering teenagers with a strong sense of self-worth and confidence is what GITC aims at. We want to uplift and value the teens, respect their views and decisions and influence them to be purposeful and passionate.

Socio Perspective

I for US The awareness factor of every individual is what makes them responsible and committed to the development of society. In this context, the works of teenagers are not only setting the example but also, sending out messages that teenagers are the change-agent. Through this, we aspire to bring forward the examples of ripple effect that teenagers have brought in making this world a better place to live in.

What Teenagers say?

Glocal International Teen Conference is one of the greatest Conference as well as a platform for the teenagers around the world. I met many inspiring teenagers from different countries. We’ve shared our experiences and works with each other and learned many that inspired me a lot. This conference is really helping teenagers to develop their skills and getting inspired to go forward. I really feel proud to be a part of this great conference and want to thank Glocal Pvt. Ltd. for arranging GITC. Each and every moment of this conference was one of the best moments of my life.
Azmayeen Akmal
Project Director of DURBAR: The Rescue Robot Project
Attending GITC 2017 and being one of the panelist of entrepreneurship panel was a great experience for me. I was so amazed looking at the interest of participants to become a future entrepreneur. I am so glad that I got a chance to share my personal views and experience in the Q/A round. I am thankful to Glocal team for organizing such a great and important event for teenagers and making me a part of it. Will look forward to attend future events and work together with Glocal in every possible way.
Ravi Mandal
Cloud Software Engineer at Insight Workshop
For those who are teenager, I suggest you to join Glocal International Teen Conference before you miss your teen age! It addresses issues which commonly we do not care however it is important for us in the future since we will get closer into our productive age. GITC also helps us to enlarge our network, meeting inspiring people across the world. The program itself is wrapped in the professional package including the committee, accommodation, and the event. I don’t regret to travel 2815 miles from Indonesia to Nepal to join GITC!
Ratri Puspita Wardani
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember

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