Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero Nepal 2020

Mandira Shrestha

Ms. Mandira Shrestha

19, Ramechhap

Health Activist

Mandira Shrestha is a 19-year-old Health Activist from Bhirpani 3, Ramechhap. She has already worked as the team leader of “Child-led report on UPR,2020”. She is also actively involved as a member of the Integrated National Adolescent Girls Forum for uplifting the situation on various issues which has devoid girls of proper opportunities. To share her academic knowledge, She is working to develop and deploy courses on nursing with Nepal Online School so nursing education is accessible to everyone. Similarly, She has also worked as a National child representative as well as a National Adolescent representative in collaboration with the related organization to advocate and work for the goal of equal rights for all.

Furthermore, She is also a core member of Girls in Education, facilitator of Tri-Padma Child Club, a community volunteer, and trainer in the SRHR field working with the target group of children, adolescents, youths, women, and LGBTIQ++. During the pandemic, She has been working on the mental health of children and adolescents by creating an awareness of COVID19 and online safety through various Media. She has already worked as a Community volunteer of ‘Women for Women foundation (WFWF), Netherlands’ 8,  Co-Trainer at ‘Rural Health and Education Service Trust (RHEST)’,  Facilitator of ‘Tri Padma Child Club’,  Member of ‘Girls-out loud’ 11, Member of ‘The Generation Green’ 12 and Fellow at ‘Bagmati River Basin Youth Program.

Top Six Finalists

Ekraj Ghimire

Mr. Ekraj Ghimire

18, Palpa


Mandira Shrestha

Ms. Mandira Shrestha

19, Ramechhap

Health Activist

Reet Kafle

Ms. Reet Kafle

18, Morang


Subhash Sharma

Mr. Subhash Sharma

17, Janakpur


Sulav Subedi

Mr. Sulav Subedi

18, Ilam


Vaivhav Nahata

Mr. Vaibhav Nahata

18, Morang


Our Fantastic Jury

Mr. Abdullah Tuncer Kececi
Turkish Airlines
Mr. Anil Chitrakar
Ritu Vaidhya
Ms. Ritu Vaidya
ujjawal shrestha
Mr. Ujjwal Shrestha
Mr. Varun Chaudhary
Executive Director of CG Corp | Global

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