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Glocal’s 20 under 20 is an umbrella title for 20 early change makers, who are teenagers from diverse fields, stepping out to create an impact in the society. Glocal is dedicated in recognizing these teenager’s initiative, achievement naming 20 Under 20.

These 20 youths below 20 years of age are the game-changers who have done something worth an inspiration in their life. Glocal’s ‘20 under 20’ aims to recognize these enthusiastic young souls who have the vision to do something ordinary in the most extra-ordinary way possible. We believe in their dreams and want to acknowledge these diverse talents who hold the potential to be the change-makers and the future leaders.

Meet the Early Changemakers 2021

Aabiskar Thapa Kshetri

Mr. Aabiskar Thapa Kshetri

19, Pyuthan

Engineering Enthusiast

Aaditya Singh Thapa

Mr. Aaditya Singh Thapa

17, Banke

Child Right Activist

Amrit Rijal

Mr. Amrit Rijal

19, Sunsari

Child Right Activist

Anugraha Ghale

Ms. Anugraha Ghale

19, Lalitpur


Anurag Chapagain

Mr. Anurag Chapagain

18, Nawalparasi


Deepak Sutihar

Mr. Deepak Sutihar

19, Saptari

Social Entrepreneur


Mr. Gobind Pajiyar

17, Siraha


Johnson Subedi

Mr. Johnson Subedi

18, Parbat


Jwala Dhakal

Ms. Jwala Dhakal

18, Jhapa


Khusbu Bhandari

Ms. Khusbu Bhandari

18, Chitwan

Wildlife Conservationist

Mohan Budha

Mr. Mohan Budha

18, Humla

Social Activist

Neha Gurung

Ms. Neha Gurung

19, Kathmandu

Social Activist

Om Prakash Wasti

Mr. Om Prakash Wasti

19, Kailali

Social Activist

Pranjal Chalise

Mr. Pranjal Chalise

19, Kathmandu


Reyan Kumar Sapkota

Mr. Reyan Kumar Sapkota

19, Bhaktapur

Social Entrepreneur

Sabhya Rai

Ms. Sabhya Rai

19, Ilam

Education Activist

Sabina Shakya

Ms. Sabina Shakya

19, Lalitpur


Shubham Jha

Mr. Shubham Jha

18, Mahottari

Aspiring Filmmaker

Suraj Sapkota

Mr. Suraj Sapkota

19, Nawalparasi

Social Activist

Suyog Vardan Acharya

Mr. Suyog Vardan Acharya

14, Kaski



Throughout the year, Glocal’s 20 under 20 shall work cohesively for identification of opportunity, fostering networking and collaboration and doing works to create an impact in the society. They are expected to use their existing knowledge and experience to initiate works and enhance their leadership and other qualities. Also, paving their way towards becoming future leaders by being interactive and proactive.

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