Ms. Bidhata Pathak

17, Nuwakot, Activist

She is associated with different organizations like United Nations Environment Program, Tunza Eco-generation, Awareness 360 Global, Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia, Incubate Nepal, Students’ Research Council Nepal, and many more.

Her works include a digital campaign aiming to educate girls and women about the effects of sanitary pads on the environment and a possible alternative of switching to cloth pads. A Global Hackathon with 1200+ participants led by The Dynamics aims to reach out to more girls in STEM in developing countries.

She Initiated a project on green menstruation and animal cruelty for school children impacting 60+ young minds. Participated in the globally reputed Youth Development Program (YDP). She also served as an executive member and advisor for the organization’s motive and core theme: menstrual hygiene awareness. Actively working on the project of CliMates Nepal.

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