Mr. Bimarsha Poudel

18, Chitwan, Film Maker

He is an aspiring Filmmaker who wants to bring a change to the community. He is the co-founder and filmmaker of team Ekikya. He has been bringing forward the difficult unheard tales of single mothers’ lives to the general public via filmmaking. His love for social volunteering also expands to working as a Video Content creator.

He collects anonymous stories from single mothers and shares them on our social media platforms through Project Ekikya. Recently, He(team) won the national round of the Generation Youth Challenge. Also, Seedlings Nepal was established with the goal of arranging events and programs for youngsters. We strive to fill the void that might lead to missing out on chances at the national and international levels. As an executive team head, he has been bringing forward ideas for various skill workshops.
AuraED’s mission is to ensure all children receive primary and basic education about computers. He creates various video learning materials for the students to engage and understand. He also wants to create an impact via his short films in society to aware people of the problems prevailing in our society. He as a team has received seed funding of 1 Lakhs to work further.

His freelance project “UltoPulto Khabar”, which won the short film contest by AYON, made people aware of the accidents occurring due to misinformation and miscommunication. Also, he created videos to spread awareness to vote for the right one. He has been teaching children in underprivileged areas and also created numerous videos that created a positive impact on society. Currently, he is super-focused on preparing for the international rounds of Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge 3.0 for project Ekikya.

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