Ms. Darshana Rijal

17, Morang, Women Rights Activist

She completed high school. She is interested in advocacy and building connections. She sees a dream where every gender is acknowledged and allowed to thrive equally in Nepal. Also, she is a woman delivering young leaders in 2021.

She is affiliated with Women Deliver Young Leaders. She works as a Coordinator for “The Girls First” National Network working in Nepal for young girls’ rights and safety. She has conducted three major small grant projects worth $5500 each since 2021. Gender equality, youth empowerment, and girls’ rights have always been the central focus of her projects.

Also, she was nominated on the list of 100 women from Global South Women by Gender Security Project. She Conducted different advocacy campaigns against girls and women violence and worked against gender norms and sexual violence. She conducted various empowering programs and represented Nepal in multiple National and International forums.

The project she worked on empowered the young girls to speak for themselves. She positively impacted school students to speak against sexual violence and bullying. She also helped students to access quality education through financial assistance. Through different workshops and programs, she helped numerous girls to speak and raise their voices.

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