Mr. Nischal Singh Bista

18,Achham, Ecopreneur

He is an enthusiastic Teenager motivated to serve the community through social work and entrepreneurship. He believes he is dedicated to his work.

He is working as one of the co-founders of Bharyang Group, a leading manufacturer of compostable and biodegradable ready-made paper cups. And, also raised seed funds worth NRs 28 Lakhs for production. His initiation is to insist that 30+ business houses prioritize Ec0o- products. He also works to reduce the environmental problem this way. He is also associated with EduN, Merosiksha.

He also works for the educational welfare of underprivileged children. He also volunteered on service projects, provided training, and was empowered. His tenure as a project manager also contributed to the “E-Library Establishment And Book Donation” campaign through which we donated 2500+books and notebooks and 15 computers to the government school. He is also working to strengthen the government schools by providing training and promoting art and STEM research.

His contribution towards biodegradable products helped to reduce pollution impacting a positive environment, and also provides training and workshops to empower. His projects and campaigns allowed deprived students to explore different subjects and learn new things. He has impacted the lives of 4500+ needy children of Nepal and conducted 6 community service projects, 4 leadership programs, and 2 talk shows

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