Our Teenagers has been involved in numerous project and program. They have been initiating different things and creating positive changes in society.

Some of the works they have been doing in this month are:

  • Sharing Session

Miss Prashansha Kc (Glocal Teen Hero of 2018) shared the beautiful insights of her projects in the event “Sharing session”. It was organized by Zonta Club of Kathmandu where 200 students from SOS Sanothimi and SOS Kavre has participated. The main motive of the event was to aware the students about the child marriage.

She also joined Astra Mic, as a guest speaker where she motivated the students through her story of journey and involvements.  

  • Smart Key

Mr. Anil Pradhan has also launched a project called “Smart Key” app. The main aim of the project was to provide vehicle security through a smartphone.
The benefits of using the smart key app:

  1. The vehicles or bikes can be restart without using the key.
  2. Prevent vehicles from lost.
  3. Losing key of vehicles won’t be a problem at all.
  • Talk Series

Mr. Saugat Tiwari is busy with his “Talk Series” which aims to inspire the youth through inspirational stories. He has been promoting it in different colleges and through a press meet up.

  • National Level Video Competition & Local Olympiad program

Amit along with his friends successfully organized a “National Level Video Competition” in Butwal. In this event, he led as a coordinator and marketing. The main aim of this event was to empower the students and to provide the skill.

He has also conducted a “Local Olympiad program” for the students in Butwal from his organization called “Best Network”. The main aim of this event was to provide awareness, an emphasize on self-learning altitude academically and help students to grow all- around.


Mr. Sahil Kumar Gupta along with his friends has made a Rover Robot called “ROCKER BOGIE”. It is a robot working model of dead Curiosity Rover in mars. It can be run on any surface and even can climb highlands where It also sends the data of its surrounding environment and objects directly into a smartphone via wireless data transmission.

Sahil along with his team has built a simple drone and conducted drone making training in schools and organized sessions of Robotics. Both drone and Rover both were presented in Vision 18 Science Expo held at Byapar Sangh in Janakpur as the foremost attraction and being selected as the best projects.

  • Can Infotech Theme Video Challenge 2019

Mr. Rhythm Sah has won the video challenge competition as First Runner up of “Can Infotech Theme Video Challenge 2019”.
Video Challenge is an online video making competition held by the Computer Association of Nepal, Morang as an EVENT ATTRACTION that focuses on the video making, presentation all over Nepal.

  • Digital Literacy

Sudarshan Subedi has delivered training for Teachers on the theme “Digital Literacy” in Nawalparasi. The program was organized by British Concil which aims to provide the method of using digital while teaching. After 8 weeks of traninig action of evaluation is done inorder to fnd out the output of tranings.

He was also called as a guest of Honour in an annual program of school in Dang.

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