Ms. Aditi Jain


Aditi Jain is a 16-year-old enthusiastic innovator from Delhi, who uses technology to solve global issues. She has developed more than 10 mobile applications and each of them aims to solve global problems. Jain is a Technovation Gold Medalist i.e the largest global entrepreneurship program and also the winner of various National contests like Google Code to learn and National Science Concours. Irrespective of her products based on social good, she is also a community server. Being a Technovation Student Ambassador, she has mentored, supported, and motivated more than 50 girls to make a career in IT. She is also a member of “Girls Who Code Club” and “Girls Code It” where she teaches underprivileged girls. Also, Jain is the Country Head at Why Waste which is an initiative to save water around the country through which she has saved over 50 million liters of water. Also, she takes workshops on various topics of awareness.

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