Mr. Anurag Chapagain is an 18 years old dedicated YouTuber from Nawalparasi. During the Covid crisis, he has already educated over 1000 underprivileged students. He has been instructing young children through his Youtube channel named, “ScienceX EntranceGuru: Feel with Anurag.” His channel has already received 60,000 total watch minutes and has educated over 1200 students.

He is also the Executive Director, Founder, and Chief Educator of College Guide Nepal, where he uploads essential information on websites for interested students who want to know information about colleges in different parts of the world.  Mr. Chapagain was also chosen as a national delegate in the biggest geography competition in the world called International Geography Olympiad and also as one of 8 national delegates in the biggest earth science competition in the world international Earth science Olympiad.  Apart from that, He was also honored by the US government with the renowned opportunity fund for his academic and non-academic endeavors, such as scientific teaching via his YouTube channel.

Mr. Chapagain believes in change and action. His works truly empower youths to act for positive change. He is one of the Finalists of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero Nepal 2021. We had a few conversations with him regarding his projects and initiatives; 

How was your experience when you were announced as the Top 6 Finalist of GTH Nepal 2021?

I was relieved to learn that my work is meaningful, that it is worthy of recognition, and that I have contributed to society in a valuable way. Above all, I was pleased that many other teenagers who are passionate about teaching and education will be motivated to take action.

What made you decide to create a YouTube channel? What kind of obstacles did you encounter along the way?

I had decided to create a YouTube channel because, firstly, Many schools were closed due to the pandemic. Secondly, many students cannot afford to attend pricey coaching institutes to prepare for the +2 entrance exams required for highly prestigious colleges in Kathmandu. Thirdly, I wanted to strengthen Nepal’s science education. Nepalese students have a habit of memorizing everything and understanding very little. So I set out to make education more inexpensive, accessible, and high-quality so that students might “FEEL” rather than “MEMORIZE.”

Talking about challenges; I had faced a lot of obstacles while making videos. I am not from an affluent family, thus I didn’t have the necessary equipment to make a video. I felt like giving up when I thought about the prerequisites for making such videos, but I am not the type of person who gives up after making a decision. I made the decision to make the most of the resources I had. I opted to use the term “Jugaad.”

I didn’t have the funds to purchase a good camera, but I did have an Rs. 10,000 mobile phones at home. Although the camera’s quality was poor, it was still able to clearly catch the words written on the board. That’s what I decided to do. Looking for a camera stand, I hung my camera from the ceiling with a cloth and a fan and began recording lectures. The sound of automobiles disrupted the lectures during the day. I opted to record the lectures at 2 a.m. and during the day on Saturday. I opted to wear a coat to appear more mature, and I worked hard to prepare the lecture topic. Overall, I made decisions based on an inside fire and an inner drive to teach and assist students, rather than on external negative factors.

What kind of content do you create and upload on your youtube channel “ “ScienceX EntranceGuru: Feel with Anurag”?

I have covered the most crucial chapters of the physical portion of SEE science. Similarly, I have addressed the physical portion for entrance preparation for the +2 students. For approximately half a year, I studied various educational strategies and observed the most effective teachers, including Richard Feynmann, (MIT and Harvard professors). 

For about half a year, I learned different education techniques and observed the most effective teachers like Richard Feynmann, (a professor from MIT and Harvard). I felt that the great achievement of students and a large number of Nobel Prize winners from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany could be summed up in one word “FEEL”. With only 5 hours to prepare a lecture, I would incorporate Feynman tactics, jokes, and experiments to arouse interest in physics.

What kind of information do you disseminate through your College Guide Nepal venture? 

CollegeGuide is a site where we provide unbiased resources, information, and assistance on studying in various regions of the world, as well as alerting people to scholarships and possibilities. Basically, it’s a free, unbiased, and multinational mini-consultancy. In just three months, our articles have been viewed by over 3000 people. CollegeGuide can be found on the Mattrab website.

When did you realize that you should work for society?

I realized it very young. I know how it feels to be helpless and hopeless as a result of circumstances beyond our control. Everyone notices things that are unfair and undesirable, particularly in a country like ours. The majority of people are oblivious to it and are unaware of the responsibility that comes with being privileged. People who cannot afford education miss out on it, as well as their bright future. When I realized I could make a difference, no matter how small, I began to work diligently. The only explanation I can think of is that it is the proper thing to do.

What are your plans further? What will you be working on?

I intend to continue my efforts in teaching and creating more videos, this time with better equipment. I am aiming to make CollegeGuide the greatest platform for college information and to establish it as a globally recognized platform. Similarly, I want Nepal to be at the top of the global arena, and I believe that it is feasible through learning from others who have succeeded. I intend to study in the United States to have an understanding of their very effective educational system before returning to Nepal to work in the field of science and research promotion.

What message would you like to deliver to the teenagers?

My advice is “ Sacrifice the sense of individualism, Realize the responsibilities attached with being privileged and Never Give Up”. I can assure you that there is no finer feeling in the world than assisting others who are in need.

Glocal Teen Hero is a platform for teenagers to identify and honor outstanding teenagers whose creativity, commitment, experience, and strong leadership have helped them achieve success in an increasingly challenging environment. This award recognizes and honors the exceptional teen whose work is sustainable and who can think out of the box addressing the issues and creating an impact in society. Fostering a collaborative community among recipients and strengthening the national recognition of today’s young leaders is a primary goal of the Glocal Teen Hero Award.

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