Baibhabi Madhukulya

She loves writing down random poems, traveling, and cafe hopping. She likes involving in Voluntary work. Also, engaged in sketching, and photographing. 

Currently, working on a hardcore physics research paper along with my co-authors for a program at a non-profit, tutoring English to a Ukrainian, and a bunch of other volunteering activities, apart from the IB assignments.  She is also executing the research team at IGPtech(an initiative for girls in physics and technology), working as a co-author of a research paper, and planning on executing a distribution drive as a part of the grant that I received from ‘Linensn Love’ among a competitive pool of applicants, applying to various summer programs, and catching up on my missed classes in IBDP. Also, preparing for SAT. 

She is also working for the  ‘Revamp Youth Foundation’ to work for the kids in need with their education during the covid period. Recently, Recently, we conducted a space talk show for the students of the Hope Foundation school, Bangalore with Mr.Gabe Gabrielle from NASA.

Revamp has been continuously working to help the kids in need with their academics. We have taught around 3000 students from around 12 different orphanages and government schools around the world. She is looking forward to collaborating with an astronomy club to conduct outreach programs for the students. She has benefited over 5000 people indirectly through my involvement in the sector of education, poverty, and women empowerment. 

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