Ms. Dikshya Gautam

Dikshya Gautam

Dikshya Gautam is an 18-year-old Child Right Activist from Kathmandu. Currently, She is working as a Reporter in Mega Television and as Secretary of  Tokha Nagar Baal Sanjal. For the last 6 years, She has been working in the sector of children. As a Journalist, She wants to make people listen to the words of the unheard and needy through her writing and voice.

During the Lockdown period, She cooperated with Nepal Scouts to provide food to needy people and nextly for quality education, She has worked in a child club and has raised the voice for quality education in government schools as well as private schools. Additionally, She has been reporting and writing reports about the bad and injustice happening in society and has addressed the attention of the related department.

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