Mirus is a 19-year-old visionary and generative leader who motivates youth volunteers to recognize the value of cooperation and partnerships in nation-building. He is a multi- awarded youth advocate.

Mirus started volunteering at the age of nine, which inspired his interest in working with a variety of organizations. He spends his time mentoring youngsters and advising groups, and he is frequently invited to speak at events.

He acquired a passion  to assist his community at a young age. Mirus started on his mission to make a difference in the world through simple efforts. His passion is for youth empowerment, which he has demonstrated via his voluntary efforts. He founded Youth Advocates for the Philippines (YAP) in 2019 and ASEAN Youth Advocates Network (AYAN) in 2020 based on his idea of  “Making Advocacy A Lifestyle.”

His organization, Youth Advocates for the Philippines Inc., is one of the fastest-growing non-profit, youth-led organizations in the Philippines, with more than 10,000 members, most from 13-21, serving more than 100,000 beneficiaries, all just in its first year. Similarly, He was the youngest expert of the ASEAN Youth Plan. Mirus is the founder of the ASEAN Youth Advocates Network with more than 10,000 members all over the ASEAN. 

His volunteer work led to a variety of chances and leadership responsibilities, including being chosen as one of three Filipino students to attend the ASEAN Youth Conference and being elected as the Philippine Officer of the Association of South East Asian Networks (ASEAN) University Student Council Union. 

As a Philippine Officer; He managed and led all activities in all the 10 ASEAN Countries and also represented the country in all their meetings and proceedings.

Mirus is serving as a founder and president of the Creative Business Association, which provides scholarship opportunities, youth programs, and volunteering platforms. Also, he was one of the co-founders of the Online SDG Forum

Apart from that; he is a public speaker. He was invited to speak as a “Resource Speaker”  in over 80 events. Last July, he was the speaker of the United Nations Volunteers’ Reimagining Volunteering for the 2030 Agenda.

Additionally, Mirus was awarded as the Best Youth Leader by the Asia Pacific Awards. Recently, he was awarded by the We Are Family Foundation as one of the 40 under 20 Global Teen Leaders for establishing the Youth Advocates for the Philippines. Also, he has been awarded as the Volunteer Champion for Change Leadership in 2020. Additionally, Mirus was recognized by a U.S. based organization for his championing education in disadvantaged communities. He has been featured by CNN in the year 2021.

This December, he was acknowledged by the UN Volunteers as the Volunteer Champion and was selected to be 1 of 25 chosen National Youth Commission’s Coaches. This January, he was awarded as the Best Youth Leader by the Asia Pacific Awards. He was selected by the United Nations as the Youth Forum’s official Philippine delegate. 


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