Mr. Ganesh Dhungana

Ganesh Dhungana is a dynamic youth leader with a decade-long training in social and organizational leadership. As a schoolboy, he got involved in social work, and before he was a high-school graduate, he was the Chairman of the district level youth organization, Youth Network Dhading. That Network, with a proven record of social commitment, vindicated by various activities it has undertaken so far, like the construction of community libraries, grooming of children’s clubs, organization of several literary and creative workshops, youth leadership training, career counselling, literacy campaigns in minority communities, collaboration with foreign organizations for social welfare, and many more. Ganesh led all these activities to a pinnacle of success, which not only benefitted the beneficiaries but also groomed his fellow workers to the helm of social leadership.

Another fact of Ganesh’s personal development is the trajectory of creative maturity he has followed since his school days. To date, he is the author of three books, the first of which appeared while he was still in middle school. Debuting with a collection of poems  Aawaj Mutuko, he next wrote Vertex, a collection of stories in English centred basically on teen’s development and psychology, which brought him immediate acclaim and recognition at the national level. When his Destination, a collection of contemplative essays on his vision of the future came, he was already a mature planner of a better nation. These publications subtly showcase the type of reforms Ganesh thinks necessary for the realization of his dream-nation, which has answers to every problem the present faces.

Due mainly to his organizational and creative maturity, Ganesh caught the attention of creative writers, social leaders, and non-governmental organizations. He was offered to collaborate by several organizations and individuals for various activities like literature festivals, national seminars, and various workshops. These exposures to local, national, and international events boosted his confidence so high that it prepared him to hold decisive responsibilities with various organizations. He then served as the international secretary of the World Organisation of Students and Youths. He also served as a council member of the US Embassy Youth Council for a year.

He has been recognized with many awards and honors nationally and internationally that include; Kartikiya National Child Talent Award – 2009, Nepal, UI CREATES Fellowship -2016 from Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia, BIARI Fellowship from Brown University 2017, USA and Development Leadership Scholar Award – 2018 from OFID, Austria.

Ganesh, an inspiration to many was a speaker at the 17th Melaka International Youth Dialogue organized by the World Assembly of Youth at Malasiya, Speaker at the 22nd Session of The Youth Assembly – 2018 organized by Friendship Ambassador at New York University,  USA, and a panellist at the World Youth Forum – 2018, organized by Government of Egypt.

Presently, he is the Executive Director of Action Nepal, a non-government organization that undertakes various development projects. Under his leadership, Action Nepal has constructed 189 water schemes ensuring clean and safe drinking water to people living in rural communities, 7 school buildings providing safe space for students, 16 community buildings to conduct communal functions, 22 irrigation channel supporting to irrigate productive land, 312 individual houses for vulnerable families, 80 trail bridges providing easy access to rural people, 202 plastic tunnels and 12 goat farms. Till days his leadership has impacted more than 120 thousand population of the Dhading district to uplift their socio – economic status.


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