Mr. Gobind Pajiyar


Mr. Gobind Pajiyar is a 17-year-old exemplary entrepreneur from Siraha. He has co-founded a startup called “Griham”, which connects room finders to the landlord and provides them a convenient platform to post their necessities. Similarly, his other ventures include “Pyume ” which is a chain of fast-food outlets that serves street foods abiding all safety and hygiene protocols working in both offline as well as online mode.

Likewise, He has also established a coder’s club at his school Damodar Academy which fulfills the goal of quality education and also motivates students who want to pursue Coding for their further projects. Likewise; Along with his team, he is working on grass root level to provide educational opportunities to the Dalit tribe of society and has raised awareness on quality education in their locality. Apart from that, he is working in various fields like Environmental Sanitation, Public Health, co-curricular activities with full enthusiasm and faith. He was proactively involved in Scrap Recycle Foundation which is basically an organization that focuses on recycling of scrap and wastes which helps in the cleanliness of the city Jaleshwor.

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