Mr. Laxman Poudel

Laxman Poudel

Laxman Poudel is a 19-year-old Innovator from Tilotama, Butwal. Currently, He is working on projects named “Agrobot” (an automated agriculture robot) project; which is working on plowing fields, watering the garden by determining the moisture level of soil, and cutting grass evenly. Likewise, He is also working on another project named “Anti-rape watch”. It is one of the varieties of devices to prevent human abuse and rape. A single button clicks forward the victim’s location and alerts the message to the registered number in the microcontroller. Both projects are ongoing and have been added with the new features. Similarly, He is also working as a mentor for high school students at Students Research Council Nepal to guide young minds in research paper writing and developing problem-solving skills.

To solve ubiquitous problems in physics, chemistry, biology, and materials science, He has been working as a Technical Supervisor in the “ECSTATIC PARADOX” community to develop a simulation interface and provide a very powerful way of solving problems for high school students.

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