Ms. Sumitra Acharya, 20under20 Glocal Teen Hero Nepal 2023. She is 17 years old and has completed her +2 in law. She was in class 5 when her level of interest rose in public speaking and her teachers also encouraged her to keep focus on her interest. The teachers entrusted the way she hosted the assembly, that appreciation built the confidence in her. She initiated her journey to social work by being a member of the Bal Club.

Her work,

She has always been intrigued by the idea of creating impact. This led her to engage in various social work activities like stopping child marriage, child labor, and many more of the superstitions. With her strong determined team, she made a few advertisements and initiated campaigns against child marriage and child labor. 

She worked as a coordinator of the Lumbini province adolescent girls network. And, a board member of the national adolescent girls network. They started offering social work support, including short-term counseling, community resource planning, and crisis intervention.

She has collaborated with networks like the National Youth Network to unify the voices of young people. She has provided online classes about online safety to the nearly 5000 people out there. Focusing on raising awareness among the general people, she visited the villages conducted many awareness programs, and provided education about the mensuration and the superstitious beliefs about it. She is also engaged in social work and journalism. She works as a news reporter and news writer on CNT Online TV. As a news reporter, her role is to keep the public informed about current events, issues, and developments happening locally, and Nationally. She also works to provide training and spreading awareness.

She is an effective communicator and social worker who is always eager to help the people around her and society. Further, she wants to conduct awareness programs in remote areas like mensuration awareness, caste discrimination, gender inequality, the dowry system, and many more.

Her Journey to Glocal Teen Hero,

She adds, “Being featured as the 20under20, Glocal Teen Hero Nepal 2023 made me more confident about my works and visions. I believe Glocal Teen Hero motivated me to be more impactful, useful, and faithful for the benefit of society. The platform has polished my qualities and character. Further, the platform helped me to be able to devote my goodwill and efforts to society. Grateful for the support I received and the Glocal Teen Hero platform. I am motivated to continue making a positive impact on society.”

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