National Participants

Objective of terms and conditions

It is important for you and us to understand clearly that you are responsible for your participation in the conference. This document sets out which responsibilities lies where. You accept the responsibility for paying all charges and bear well-being throughout the conference.


‘The participant’ means the person who has been confirmed of the participation in the conference. ‘GITC committee’ means the party responsible for organizing the conference. The contract means an agreement between the participant and the GITC Committee. These terms and conditions shall form a part of the Contract.

Application and Enrollment

  • The GITC Committee at its sole discretion agrees to you in making your application valid on basis of submission and review of online application forms.
  • The application shall only confirm your participation only after the conference fees is paid and appropriate documents are submitted.
  • Upon receipt of the letter of Acceptance, the applicants are required to make the payment of registration fees. Until then, the participation shall be provisional.
  • After the receipt of payment, a confirmation email shall be sent to you that shall confirm your seat in the Conference.
  • The cancellation of the application can be made*.


Amendments and Cancellation by participant

In case of the unfortunate circumstances that you have to cancel your participation in the conference:

  • The registration fees, if paid prior to cancellation, shall not be refunded.
  • Any cancellation should be advised to our GITC Committee by email.


Amendments and Cancellation by GITC Committee

The GITC Committee may cancel the application of the Participant if,

  • He/she is not a teenager.
  • Any forged information/ documents have been submitted
  • If the registration fees are not paid or alterations in the financial situation.
  • If the applicant is unresponsive or is not in line with the objectives of conference.

If the conference is cancelled due to any unforeseen circumstances, the GITC Committee is liable to pay the registration fees.

Payment and Costs

Glocal International Teen Conference (GITC) is not funded. Hence, all National participants are required to pay the registration fees of USD 60.

The registration fees shall cover:

  • Meals
  • Conference Kit
  • Certificate of Participation
  • T-shirt




  • All the participants are expected to have full participation the conference as per the time scheduled.



  • We do not accept liability for any damages or losses, personal injury or death caused by negligence or any unforeseen/ unfortunate circumstances or accidents.
  • All the participants are required to abide by the guidelines and consent letter provided by them to the GITC Committee.


General Information

  • Should any participants require financial aid, they should write an email to the GITC Committee explaining why aid is required to him/her.
  • If you require accessible facilities (e.g. wheelchair) you must specify this with an email.
  • This contract shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of Nepal and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Nepali Courts.
  • The participant consents GITC Committee and its official partners to make film, video, photographic and sound recording for advertising and marketing purpose in the context of the production.
  • Alcoholic beverages, narcotics and other controlled substances are not permitted without a valid prescription. If found to have bought, consumed, used, or possessed such items or who are found in possession thereof without such prescription shall be immediately asked to leave the conference.
  • The possession or use of firearms, ammunitions, BB guns, air rifles, firecrackers, explosives slingshots, knives (including pocket knives) or other weapons of any description, for any purpose is prohibited. Any violation of this will result in the dismissal from the conference.
  • With this, the participant consents so that physicians affiliated with the health center may promptly carry out appropriate diagnosis and treatment and provide emergency health service procedures with no unnecessary delay.
  • These Terms and Conditions may be amended, revised or updated by GITC Committee from time to time.


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