Ms. Nguyen Ngan Ha

Nguyen Ngan Ha - Empowerment Panel - Vietnam

Ms. Ha Nguyen is the Founder of SHARING, an educational charitable project founded in April 2018. Through in-kind donations and fundraising activities, her project has provided 4 schools and 1 orphanage in Vietnam’s highlands with 20 scholarships and around 5000 books. Since 2017, she has been Delegate, Chair, and Organizer of many model United Nations conferences in Vietnam, tackling topical global issues alongside other passionate young people. Currently, Ha is working to launch a book club program for orphanages and schools in remote areas with SHARING. Currently, She is studying in 10th-grade at Hanoi–Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, Hanoi, Vietnam. Besides reading, Haenjoys baking and traveling.

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