Mr.Pranjal Chalise


Mr. Pranjal Chalise is a 19 years old Technopreneur from Kathmandu. He has aided the Blind Community by inventing Drishti Nepal, which helps the blind community in currency bills recognition and cash transactions. Likewise, He has developed a mobile application that provides agricultural news and information from authentic sources and another app includes – a Women Safety app to ensure the security of women and ensure they are not deprived of opportunities due to their safety reasons. His other two educational apps have a total of 7500 users.

Pranjal has also initiated a non-profit tech venture ‘e-educators Nepal’ which enhances the quality of online education and makes educational resources more accessible. Apart from that;  He is also the founder of Students Research Council Nepal, (an organization that provides the platform of research and project-based education to high-school enthusiasts and provides paper-writing and app development training).  Furthermore, He is the member of the board of Initiative in Nepal Foundation,and currently working on a research paper about the Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts and the ways in which technological advancement can mitigate the costs of elongated transaction processes.

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