Ms. Reet Kafle

Reet Kafle

Reet Kafle is an 18-year-old Educator from Biratnagar. She has been teaching in a school for 2 and a half years and has won multiple awards for the youngest teacher. Right after her completion of SEE, She has worked as the youngest teacher in CG affiliated school. While educating students, She has used different methods to teach students. Her teaching methodology was appreciated and claimed that it was more understandable and enjoyable.

Apart from that, She has been involved in different NGOs and has been working as an Executive Member at Youth for Environment, as a Treasurer at Living with Environment, Kathmandu, IYS Country Coordinator at WSDA, Outreach Volunteer at Global Changemakers, and as a Council Member at Nepal Teen Leaders. Similarly, She also has been organizing and participating in different workshops relating to environmental awareness, and so on. She has given various classes on Menstrual Independence Class for small girls.

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