Mr. Reyan Kumar Sapkota


Mr. Reyan Kumar Sapkota is a 19-year-old Social Entrepreneur from Bhaktapur. He is a founder and board member at Nepal Computer Science Alliance –  a student-led NGO that serves the uncharted youth-based tech industry in Nepal. Likewise, he has also founded a company called “BooksGasm Nepal” with his peers and seniors who are pursuing Chartered Accountancy. Through this, he is providing second-hand used books and notes for buyers and sellers.

Apart from that; He is working as an Academic Coordinator at Clamphook Pvt Ltd, where he facilitates the classes for over 500 IOE aspirants. Similarly, he is a trader at NEPSE, with a portfolio valuation of over Rs. 800000. Alongside, he is a technology enthusiast and has been working on an individual research project on “Blockchain and its prospects inside Nepal.”

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