Risanga Dinsara Bandara Abeygunasekara

He is an entrepreneur, an innovator, an artist, an activist, a problem solver, and an influencer. He is interested in social work and cinematography to bring those two together to build a more impactful industry in entertaining as well as serving the community. 

The project he works on is tutoring 6th to 7th-grade students to improve their English Language skills in a rural school, and rather than using traditional ways in a normal classroom to teach, he uses experimental activities to improve themselves individually and as a group. 

Another project is to bring awareness about the basics of sustainable life and how to use them in practical life, for example,- paper recycling. Another project he is working on is to increase the quality of life of differently-abled youth in the Batik industry, he is planning to send the Batik products created by them to other countries. He has already worked with a vocational training institute to make this happen.  


He designed a program to increase awareness about disability in a community where he has brought together about 50+ differently-abled youth and people from different professions to learn through observation, interaction, and empathy. He also build a team from countries representing India, Egypt, Sri Lanka, and Germany, and was the project head where he and the team designed a device for deaf-blind people to access quality education and communication.

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