Saad Al Amin

He wants to change the world with his dreamy big Mindset. People usually know him as anArtist, Film Maker & Mostly Graphics Designer. 

He started his First Team based Organization, “Muktir Ghonta” which has a good impact on the youth of the nation and is helping to motivate and change thousands of people’s lives for the better good. The team promotes positive and social messages through Films, Music & Artistic Perspective. 

Currently, his main focus is on working with Organization Muktir Ghonta (Film & Youth Organization), Videophics (International Branding & Graphics Design Service), Campus Ambassador at English Olympiad, Graphics Design Artist & Photographer at 100 Million Mindset, and Also a Creative Design Artist at Chalkboard.  He has been also awarded the best Designer Award 2021 By Elan Records USA, Top Selected Mobile Film 2021 Award by DIMFF 2021 Into the People Photography selection by Shortcut, India and also, and Google Recognize him as a filmmaker. He has also worked as an assistant director and artist on many projects.


He has positively impacted more than 50 people (2015 – 2022) which changed their lives. He has already worked on more than 300 projects. Most of them were done for impacting people for a better future. He and his team are impacting thousands of people by motivating and empowering them. 

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