Talha Zubair

He is very much passionate about molecular biology, biotech startups, sustainable agriculture, and emerging technologies.

He was awarded a Bronze Medalist in the ‘Life Sciences’ category and became a medalist in the competition for the first from Bangladesh.  He founded ‘Bacto Crop’, an AgriTech startup to accelerate sustainable agriculture using beneficial soil microbiome. He won multiple international business and innovation competitions by representing Bacto Crop including becoming a finalist in the paradigm challenge, a finalist at the Gifted and Talented Silicon Valley Innovators Venture Challenge, and a bronze awardee in the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

He has also become a global champion in cities in space competitions and an international 3rd prize winner in the NSS Space settlement contest. Recently, he became a silver medalist as a Bangladeshi team member at the International Medicine and Disease Olympiad 2022.


His microorganism and plant-based research projects at Bacto Crop are showing an enormous possibility or sustainable agriculture with eco-friendly, effective agro-products ensuring crop safety and faster germination. He also worked for teaching and establish a young enthusiastic community of problem solvers and great thinkers. He worked as a Life Sciences Research Program Coordinator and Core team member at the Falcon Academy of Sciences, Project Lead at Yugen Research Organization, and Biology Mentor at the Deviation Scientific Society. I mentored more than thousands of middle school and high school students on STEM topics and scientific research. He is also a founding member and mentor of Notre Dame Science Club Research and Development Wing where I’m leading a project on reusable, cost-effective, accessible and biodegradable sanitary pads to deliver them to women living in the hill tract region. 

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