Ms. Tasnim Chelbi is one of the speaker for the “Empowerment Panel” at Wai Wai Presents Glocal International Teen Conference, 2021.

Tasnim Chelbi is an aspiring young activist from Tunisia. Her passion for astronomy and a special affinity with nature led her to become an activist. She believes in herself and the potential she possesses. Her rising ambition to make a difference led her to pursue leadership roles in different associations where she had the chance to make decisions towards a more sustainable eco-friendly world. Additionally, She has taken important roles in some associations, organized campaigns empowering girls, and is currently conducting her own research to achieve a sustainable peaceful world.

Currently, She is a high school student of Lycée Pilote Medenine (LPM) – Pioneer High school of Medenine. She is a Co-founder and External Vice President at LPM Youth Club. The youth club’s main goal is to motivate and unite like-minded students from high school to become active citizens. As the external vice president, she signed partnerships with other clubs international and national ones. 

Aside from that, she is the president and creator of Green Corner LPM- a club, in general, to address environmental issues directly. As president, she worked to engage all students in this struggle, regardless of gender, through community service days, frequent meetings, and even TED lectures. In addition, She works as a Media Chief at Visualize Club Medenine, where she oversees the club’s social media accounts across many platforms as well as creating posters, brochures, and certificates. 

Tasnim never misses an opportunity to share her personal experience to encourage other teenagers throughout the world. She has always been working, improvising Chelbiing, and evolving to take every small action on a global scale: promote the voice of other unheard teens from around the world with similar aspirations to hers. That’s exactly why she became a youth education ambassador for HundrED at the world literacy foundation. 

Glocal International Teen Conference is a fantastic platform for teenagers to share their thoughts, ideas, insights, perspectives, and experiences while also reflecting on world affairs and impacts based on teenagers and youths. Teenagers from all over the world virtually participate in learning and sharing their beautiful insights in order to make a social impact through their work & inspire other fellow teens to make a difference.


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