Rewind my life back to 2 years, you’d probably find me wandering malls with my friends. Well! nothing to do but just gasping it after seeing the price tag of stuffs. As for me, I was so confused about my plans; what I am supposed to do next? I used to keep questioning myself that should I put myself in that crowd, who are looking for cheap IELTS preparation classes or do I have something else in mind which I have not discovered yet? At the same time, the time blessed me in disguise, which changed my life and now I can say proudly, ‘I Have Found Myself’.

Let me tell you what really happened!!

My mind with what next? I found United World School Nepal (UWSN) calling application for teaching fellowship. UWSN is a social organization working for the betterment of education quality in developing countries. With full of excitement, I applied for the fellowship and got selected. The UWSN gave me opportunity with challenges.  As it was the first time I was moving far away (700 km) from my home. My mom was worried for me regarding placement and management for a girl who even don’t know how to cook. Ignoring challenges with positivity, I started my journey with lots of hope and hundreds of questions. As if my mind was full of questions like what could this fellowship offer me? Would I be able to be on my own? What will happen if I fall sick out of a sudden? Will it be safe for me? A hundred of questions were flooding in my mind when I had to decide whether or not to accept the fellowship??

But now when I look back and see myself, my beautiful journey has created flowers from thorn. Now, I am proud of myself that I took a leap of faith. For nearly 2 years, I have been working in Shiva Basic School, Majhuwa (Sankhuwasabha) as a fellowship teacher. For 2 years, the school has been my home, my workplace and the people are like my family who cares and loves me as their child. These are my lifetime happy memories and new experience of some grim days. 

While I was involved primarily in teaching, I gave my concern to school and community where I initiated lots of programs, coordinating with teachers and students to bring positive change. From implementing hand washing drills to setting up the Routine of Teachers to clean the toilet, I have received the ample of appreciation and I am so thankful for that.

Bamboo fencing has been done around the school which has given a fresh environment to the school, also installing playing apparatus like swings, seesaws, monkey climbing in school has given smiles in kid’s faces and more chances to be involved in physical activities besides the teaching. Plantation has been carried out all around the school which will surely give the school a green and clean environment. Also, an awareness rally on the occasion of World Environment Day was conducted with an aim of making people aware about the importance of clean environment which certainly raised some eyebrows and made people aware not to litter their surroundings.

Also, we organized a flash mob on the occasion of International Women’s Day to raise awareness on Women’s Safety and Education.

Teachers-Parents meetings have been conducted periodically to improve school and student’s environment and also new measures and actions are being taken. Children are motivated to study hard and think about their future. Two of them have got a scholarship by ‘Pestolozzi‘(an organization) which grants them tuition fees, lodging and food in the reputed school of Dehradun, India. I can see the school is shaping in right way and feel like a proud mother who sees her son/daughter doing the best in their life.

Through my experience, what I learned is “Nothing is Impossible until and unless you try”. In many instances, there was not enough support from community but I never lost hope and always forced myself to go extra mile for the betterment of the school and community. Trust me, it feels really good and blesses you with a sense of satisfaction that makes you feel ‘You have done something good’. When I asked kids what they want to be in future? They reply, “I want to become like you.” It really warms your heart when you hear that. You feel proud when someone takes you as their role model.

After couple of months, this 2-year fellowship will end; I find myself often in tears when I see people so concerned for me. I often find people and parents asking me if they could do anything to extend my fellowship or make me stay longer. I am really blessed to get love and respect by the people and makes me feel that I might have done something good. I will be missing everything and everyone. The biggest gift I got are the memories that I will cherish forever and always be thankful for the opportunity. And now I finally could say to my mum. “Your daughter has finally learned to cook food”!

By: Binata Gurung

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