It is the topic that encompasses science, technology and the interaction between the two. It is the systematic enterprise that builds and organizes the knowledge in the form of explanations about everything and predictions about nature and the universe. Technology is the collection of techniques, methods and ideas that can be used in the production of goods which are now being used to decorate the whole world. If we look around in the human history, science plays a huge role because of which 21st century appears to be so vast and full of scientific inventions.

Long ago, it was impossible for any person to talk to people who were miles away from them. A man named Graham Bell changed that reality with his illusion by building a communication machine named Telephone. Just because of Science and engineering skills, now we can travel around the world within hours and we can communicate with the person in the other side of the world. There is a high scope of science and technology. Many things have already been discovered and many are yet to be discovered. If we look around the present world, we can find many inventions created by science and technology and because of that, our daily life has become much more efficient.

Aspiring people to take up science and technology can inspire a lot of people towards tech field and generate new ideas that can be used to change the lifestyle of the whole world. To change the world via our vision in science and technology, first we have to think differently. We all have worn the different goggles of illusion. Everyone tend to elaborate the things and situation according to their goggles of illusion. This gives a wide range of perspectives. Thus, to decorate the world with brand new ideas, those illusionary goggles are to be worn and believe that everything is possible.

Many people changed their goggles to decorate world like Alessandro Volta built the first battery. Wright brothers are the legends of the machines that can fly miles away like the birds. They build the first Aeroplane. By the Illusion of Thomas Addison, the invention of light bulb was possible which faded the darkness away during the night as well.

Thus, we should aspire to make the lives better with the use of Science and Technology.


Bijay Acharya

Glocal’s 20 under 20

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