Vasundhara Chaudhary

She is a spiritual being, with a keen interest in writing, dancing, oratory, reading, painting, and traveling. She is also Ashoka Young Changemaker. She is a selfless service award awardee, emerging activist awardee, women in social leadership awardee, and green champion awardee.

She is the founder of a youth organization Inspire Dose, which works at the intersection of mental health and spirituality. She works to aware people of spirituality and its importance. She and her team have launched a free printable self-care journal page. 

She advocates for mental health by collaborating with podcasters and bloggers. She believes Therapy sessions and spirituality helps people to cope up. Have been publishing articles about mental health in local newspapers and magazines. She is looking forward to begin the “Therapy Junction” – It’s your one-stop shop for pro bono therapy sessions.

She has a community of 1.5k people on Instagram, 200+ subscribers on YouTube, and about 100 people who have benefited from her free self-care resources and therapy sessions.

She believes, “Life is uncertain we can only make plans but life unfolds in various ways and we are actors in the world each one sent for a specific purpose by the universe so life opens up accordingly.” She also provides free counseling and therapy sessions for people in need. 

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