Ms. Veda Ramakrishnan

Veda Ramakrishnan - Socio Perspective - U.S

Ms. Veda Ramakrishnan is currently studying in eleventh grade at Valley Christian High School in California, USA. She enjoys helping out in various community projects. Her goal is to create and sustain positive changes in the world through creative actions and volunteer efforts especially on promoting Child Rights.
She has already been involved in the Child Awareness Project (CAP) for the past 3 years, which has enabled her to coordinate efforts virtually to help school children in Chennai, India. Along with her friends and advisors, She has also helped to collect and deliver educational supplies to a school for underprivileged children in Tamilnadu, India. As a huge advocate of teenage empowerment and entrepreneurship, She is also involved with the organization, ChangemakerZ, as an interviewer of young leaders and entrepreneurs. She aims to get involved in the field as a researcher or a physician and has an interest in the arts, with a focus on South Indian Classical(Carnatic) and Western singing.

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